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Welll Hello To You All


Lantern Swinger
Thought An Introduction Would be Nice...

Names Pooley Joined the navy on 17 april 05 as a Chef(SM)... did basic and only got trooped once hahaha then stayed at raleigh and during chef training swerved it... i would of wanted to change to be an MEM but there was no opening so i left on 18 oct 05.....

Re-applyed about 2 months after leaving to become an Enginering Technican (weapon Engering)... was made up with not having to re-do basic training so was happy with that... i am re-joining on 9th jan 07 and i cant wait to become a matlow again the sooner the better i say.....
If you are fit (by that I mean if you can pass the fitness tests) before you go, then basic training will be a piece of piss. When I did it it I didn't mind the military bullshit, the only thing I had difficulty with was the PT side of things.
I agree with dunkers - do get fit before you go in and make sure you can pass the swim test. My lad is struggling with the kit side of things - folding and presentation etc so if you can't wash and iron start practicing!
Welcome to Red also. Good advice from the boys above. Two of the most common areas of pain and grief during basic are fitness and kit preparation.

Also recommend you keep an open mind, listen to what you're being told as they're telling you for a reason and keep your sense of humour even when you don't feel like it.

It isn't really that long a period to get through.

Good luck to you both.


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