Well, well, well...

Evening chaps & soleil :-D

Its been a while... Thought I'd pop back on and let you all know what I've been up to.

I'm well underway in my career, and I am off to sea in 5 weeks for roughly 4 months! I cannot wait, never thought id be in this position since withdrawing my app with the RN, but stuck with it & here I am :)

Posted this in Lil's for obvious reasons :evil:

So... What's been happening on here then?



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Hang on Trigger, are you in the RN or not? I can't remember you know. The last news i heard about you is that you were sucking off matelots in Pompey for tins of spesh.

What's going on here? Fuck all mate.
Sent you a PM Blackrat!

Edit; Won't let me send one actually... Supposedly my box is full!?

Anyway... The jist of things - I'm in the merchant navy training to be an Engineering Officer!
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Welcome back Trigger. The MN is a similarly honourable profession but with less bull and more leave. All the best for your future.

I'll never forget being told a typical handover by an RNR who worked for Cunard:

Two burning, two turning, both swimming pools empty, going that way. You have the deck.

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