Well,Well Well,is this the end?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Dec 23, 2006.

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  1. Dont they have better things to be doing with their time?Like looking for real crims???
  2. gays and lezzers to the front
  3. O.M.G
    Have these people nothing beter to do than harasse us for having consenual fun.... If we as adults choose to "play" on these sites surly its a personal thing...

    I totally agree that sites where children have access should be monitered for the safty of all concerned..

    But feel that adult sites should be left in the hands of the site creators..

    Maybe society has allowed to many "Do Gooders" to gain control of our lives...

    And now it seams that we can no longer even have private conversations
    on our own mobile phones....

    It seams to me that a mans home is no longer his castle..

    Where eles can we be free to expresse our selves if not in the cyber world

    Is this bureaucracy gone mad with power. This whole thing has gotten out of hand....
  4. Well Hig, that's no more ordering kinky knicks online for the missus then? Seems a bit extreme to add someone to one of the registers for that. The mischief in the law is that is would allow the police to decide at any time what they perceive as inappropriate. Thus the display of Tony Bliar toilet rolls online could be outlawed as could consensual adults-adult sexual activity. What usually happens in cases like this is that the police take a heavy, proactive stance against gay sites whilst turning a blind eye to remarkably similar straight sites - something one can already observe.

    Personally I find all this talk about an virgin's birth rather kinky - so let it be the first victim of Bliar's new law. :twisted:
  5. "The best example is nuisance calls, heavy breathing, obscene sexual comments."

    The unfeeling bast**ds, if they ban the above do they not realise how much free time I will have on my hands? I may have to resort to talking to the wife and breadsnappers again!!!!

    Shave off! I'm going back on the drink. Where did I leave the poteen?

  6. Dunno if they go the way of ASBO's (a badge of honour) maybe it'll be an improvement like

    "I'm on the internet SexOffenders List"

    "wow do you want to come to bed with me"

    Yep deffinate promise!
  7. I say B***cks to em
  8. Well my friends, I certainly didn't vote for them! Did you? :evil:
  9. No!

    Keep Striving.

  10. Snap! :evil:
  11. By the time that lot dot the `i` and cross the `t` the planet will have ceased to exist.............
  12. Is Vernon Coaker a real name?
  13. Huby,,has just told me that this week a office staff member has been asked to resigne due to his being done for sexual misconduct on MSN, whike at work.........Appprently MSN sent a letter to hin at work..
    oooo so big brother is watching.....
  14. I wouldn't get overly concerned with this. I think John Reid has got enough on his plate with trying to get his 'unfit for purpose' office through it's latest self generated crisis - i.e. where are all those people who committed crimes abroad and weren't entered on the police computer?

    It's no good increasing the number of offences on the statute books if you don't invest in people to police them. Look at mobile phones - has anyone ever seen a motorist being stopped for using one while driving? Have people stopped using phones while driving beacause of the law? I would suggest the answer is 'no' to both questions.

    Noo Labour - lots of targets and spin, fcuk all action.


  15. Big Brother definitely is watching Josie - people should be very careful what they access at work and quite honestly I'm amazed they haven't realised this by now. I met someone last year who told me he didn't have a pc at home so organised all his internet dating and surfed lots of naughty websites at work. He worked in finance in a University in the SE and was most offended and disbelieving when I told him how universities (and lots of other organisations) monitor internet use and what risks he was running. I was probably too blunt about it.
  16. Yes see his nice pictures etc.

    Vernon Coaker


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