Well they had a damned good go

Liverpool 5 - 2 Havant & Waterlooville

The result don't give the whole story and I think just scoring against Liverpool makes them the champions of this match.

Guzz also did well but went down 2 - 1 to pompey.
Too right! Not too shabby for a 'pub team'. Leading Liverpool 1-0 soon after kick-off, retaking the lead after Liverpool equalised and still on level terms at half-time. Shame they had to play the second half too.

Hurrah for the Hawks!
Good for H & W - had a great day out, didn't disgrace themselves (from what I heard, even played above themselves until being part time kicked in), and made quite a few bob too - much respect for that.
Didn't think Argyle would do too much, but didn't disgrace themselves either. Probably play Pompey in 2 years time when they get relegated.........
(Under cover, awaiting incoming)....
Not into football. but well done H&W
Why didn't BBC televise their match, all the overpaid pundits will be gobbing off about the magic of the FA cup, whilst the underdogs have been ignored by the broadcasters

Would've thought that this was THE game "which epitomided the glamour and romance of the FA Cup" - big v little - what did we get ? Wigan V Chelski - FFS - don't they have enough effing money ? Disgusted of Guzz........
BBC and Sky chose matches after the draw is made. At the point both Liverpool and Havant both had replays to get through and they obviously didnt think that Havant would get through and Liverpool v Swansea probably wouldn't have been worth televising.
From the point of view of a Liverpool fan the game today was far to close. Worring times that we live in!
I don't think H&W fielded any of their expensive foreign international imports. Wouldn't it have been fairer if Liverpool had kept theirs on the bench too? The scoreline would have been somewhat different without Israeli Yossi Benayoun's hat-trick.

(Still immensely proud but we can all have our dreams, can't we?)

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