Well that's the F-35 well and truly f**ked

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Oil_Slick, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. Yet when we Brits enter the USA we have to run the gauntlet of their offensive paranoid immigration officers, it seems that they need to refocus on their security priorities.
  2. 'In addition, while the spies were able to download sizable amounts of data related to the jet-fighter, they weren't able to access the most sensitive material, which is stored on computers not connected to the Internet'

    WHy connect any of the information about it to the internet if its that sensetive ??
  3. We would make it easier for them to find:

    just leave a Lap Top in the pub / train / pathway /car boot etc etc

    just to name a few :lol:
  4. Having for a few years been a regular visitor to the US I have founf most immigration officers polite and business like, just once we came accross one who found it difficult to believe that a UK company was actually under contract to the DOD. The people you really have to look out for are the security screeners, they all to often do not really know what they are doing/looking for but will screw your life to avoid letting the secret about their ignorance out.
  5. I thought that was the passport to promotion when seniors had been passed over!!!!!!!
  6. Well, if the chinks really have got the info on the F.35 perhaps they can start manufacturing them and we can get a better deal than we get from the septics.
    After all they did buy Rover and now you can get the chinese MG!!
    F.35"s will now be appearing at a showroom near you.
  7. and whats better they will be iPod compatable so you too can listen to your favourite playlist while blowing up the enemy
  8. ...and there's me trying to work out which Frigate had the pennant number F35 and why it would be in some bother !

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