Well, that's another Leander gone

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by flymo, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. I see Pakistan have used a Leander as target practice.


    So glad I never served on them. Not being able to get your head down 'cos your pit was in the mess square and someone was sitting on your pit seems archaic.

    And we give Pakistan how much in aid?
  2. Pit in the mess square? My pit had to be dropped to make a seat for scran! At least you had a pit! DBFMA
  3. Leanders? Pure fukcin luxury shipper.... 8)
  4. I don't understand the relevance of that. They buy a ship from us and use it as a target. What has aid got to do with it?
  5. Perhaps MOD did not honour the warranty.... :lol:
  6. Hope they checked the heads before they opened up...
  7. Leanders were good ships oppo, F47 :wink: :wink: goob grub and messing
  8. Saying Leanders were good ships is like saying a ford cortina was a good car. Did a great job but thankfully consigned to history.
  9. Prefered a Tribal!

    Ashanti & Tartar. :lol: Good accomodation, crap workspace. Hanger etc.
  10. Yes like my old Mk 3 Cortina, good little runabout, didnt last for the full 25 yrs like the Leander, though :wink: :wink:
  11. The point that Pakistan can modernise its armed forces yet still has to take money from other countries for the welfare of its citizens.
  12. Fair point; but the first responsibility of any Country is to defend itself. If it takes Aid to cover its second responsibility of feeding and sheltering its population, then it takes Aid. It seems preferable to the population migrating to its "land of milk and honey" of choice.
  13. I wouldn't mind so much if they spent the aid money in the country it came from.
  14. Although Pakistan gets a significant amount from the DfID pot, most of it is actually in the form of funds routed into FCO sponsored projects to support democratic movements and prevent extremism. A further lot gets dished out to in-country groups working towards similar aims. It is 'development' aid; encompassing economic, industrial, social and political development, the word 'aid' often gets confused with food parcels and such like. In Pakistan for example there is currently a huge project funded by the FCO and DfID in universities working towards countering the influence of extremist student organisations.

    This is not to say of course that this approach works, an optimistic estimate is that about a third of the 'prevent' strategies we fund in Pakistan and Afghanistan might work.
  15. So when they buy arms from Russia, who pays for that?

    Serious question, does Russia give Foreign Aid since the collapse of Communism?
  16. I hear they've been helping out Iran..... their southern neighbour with the oil.....providing nuclear know how and such .... but I could be wrong.

    Edited to add..... streaky, you're the one with the fcuking soviet flag !
  17. Ah!

    It's supposed to be irony.

    How many Russian matelots did you ever see looking like Desperate Dan?
  18. I'm and old cold war warrior..... never got that close !

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