Well its a start!

As you may know I ate way to many pies but want to lose weight and get fit to join (if I can make it work with hubbie, if not TA)

Well Tuesday I went to the gym to do the 2.4km run and couldnt finish :oops: LOL but yesterday I did finish, OK the time was crap I run 200m and walked 100m but its a start + healthy eating.

times was (can only get better) 28.30mins I then cycled 5K and rowed 1k total time 46.40secs! Not too bad for someone with a BMI of 49

Although disappointing to think I could run 3 miles in 40mins and cycle 22 miles in 1 hr 10mins only 3 years ago.

Oh well joined slimming world on tuesday we shall see what the scales say on this coming tuesday - Oh went swimming as well.

First goal is to jog the whole 2.4km without stopping.


Lantern Swinger
Good on yer, make sure your goals are realistic, otherwise you'll push too hard and stop enjoying it. I think you're doing exactly the right thing by varying your training and finally don't go near a set of scales for at least a month
Good start Navy wife,however the normal BMI for a bloke is between 20-30(yes i know you are a girl so probably different) the only way of losing wieght is healthy eating and lots of excercise,there is no other way but hope you get there
Indeed, I was a little disappointed when I tried the 2.4 and couldn't run the whole distance. I guess it's a symptom of all play and no work making Joe out of shape. Next time I tried it I did 16 minutes although I walked fast some of the way. Slowly but surely working my way up.

But I think it's praiseworthy that you're giving it a go. If you never try, you can never succeed. And seconded pastrdp, don't look at any scales :)
I too have started the New Year, New Me thing - was doing quite well until today when I fell off the 'eating better' wagon during a rather stressful work related session! Biscuits, crisps, and a chinese when I got home tonight.

Oh well, I suppose there will be good days and bad ones!
Rosie, have you tried the champagne diet? You spend 6 months living on nothing but Dom Perignon Rose... Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Perhaps we should go on it together.
LOL thanks for the support!

time is getting better but only going to measure it every 4 weeks and havint weighed myself yet - going to slimming world on Tuesday (missed it this week as fellow Navy wife needed a drink and shoulder)


Lantern Swinger
Your definitely doing it the right way!

Setting yourself attainable, sustainable targets is a good plan.

I wish you all the best - keep it up!

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