Well I never!!

Was chatting to my other half last night, say's her Grandad was in the Navy. So I said ohh what rank was he. Some Officer rank she said, so I said what's he name, then she said Edward Leigh Stewart King. I done a bit of digging and this is exactly who he is:

Admiral Edward Leigh Stewart King.

Joined RN 1903; World War I 1914-1918; Gunnery Officer, HMS SOUTHAMPTON 1914; Gunnery Officer, HMS ERIN; Cdr, HMS REPULSE, during Prince of Wales' African and South American tour 1925; Flag Capt, HMS COVENTRY, Mediterranean 1930-1931; Director of Plans, Admiralty 1933-1935; commanding HMS DESPATCH 1937; Chief of Staff to Adm Sir Charles Forbes, Commander-in-Chief Home Fleet 1938; Aide-de-camp to the King 1938; commanding Cruiser Sqn, Mediterranean 1940-1941; Lord Commissioner of Admiralty and Assistant Chief of Naval Staff 1941-1942; Principal Liaison Officer, Allied Navies 1943-1944; retired 1944.