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Hello to everyone, this is my first post so please ignore any mistakes you see or failing that keep reminding me!!
Ive been in the marines for just over 2 years now and am really enjoying it, I'm soon going to do my first tour which i'm looking forward too but can't help feeling apprehensive. Can anyone who has already done a tour tell me what they were like on there 1st one?
My dad showed me this sight when I was on leave (he was in the army and is part of the arrse website) and I stated reading the forums and thought it was really great so I decided to register.
Anyway, thanks if you reply.

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Welshbird said:
welcome aboard bootneck, how many more years you got to do to be a big sh1t then?

Waht, you mean he's still number 2?? Boom Boom..................I'll get my coat!

Welcome booty, how you been???
Wotcha baby bootie, I'm sure your Old Man would be a great source of advice but no doubt you've already asked him...maybe he does actually know!!
Listen to the other experienced lads, especially ur juniors and seniors and don't be affraid to ask questions, even if you think that it's gonna make you look like a tit. Better you look a tit early on than get it wrong when it matters.
Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question but I'm sure that you've been dipped in the 'Tank' for asking one!!
Everyone is going to have a little apprehension, even the old and bold so don't think that you are alone.
Good luck fella, stay lucky and try and enjoy it!!


War Hero
I will wind my neck in , good luck in Afgan you will be ok , Top tip
from me .Pick one guy in your troop , the guy who you rate
as the best soldier , watch him /what he does etc etc .You not go far wrong . Regards Deeps

42 CDO are a good bunch was with them on Telic