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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by come_the_day, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7884877.stm

    Jeremy Clarkson was very un-PC, but methinks the PM is wriggling in his death-throes here.

    It'll be interesting to see when this polished crook received his knighthood.

    It has always bothered me that the City of London is founded on nothing more than high stakes gambling, but the bankers know that, come what may, they will be able to keep the cash that they've fleeced from you and me. That the government has been complicit in this and has seen fit to reward those at the top of this never-ending scam with high honours is what should bother us all.

    The cry that this bunch of thieves has been responsible for generating much greater wealth than they have managed to stack away offshore does not make the method of its generation right.
  2. Questions had been raised by opposition MPs about whether Mr Brown, who was then chancellor, was aware of the warnings about the business model of the bank, which had to be rescued using taxpayers' money last year.

    But he told the liaison committee "no information" was given to the Treasury "about the issues raised between the FSA and HBOS," adding that "these were regarded as ordinary issues that were normally dealt with by the interaction between the FSA and HBOS".

    What utter, UTTER bollocks.
  3. It is becoming clear that as chancellor Brown presided over an empire where no one ever told him what was happening. I presume this is how he rid us of the boom and bust economy syndrome.
  4. Meanwhile, he sold the family silver to finance the spongeing lifestyles of his fellow MPs, on the advice of one who was to become an MP in due course, Ed Balls.

    What a very apt name.

    You've got to admire Bliar, though. He must have seen all of this coming, so jumped ship to take up residence as duty saint to the US government.
  5. Though it would seem that Mr Bliar is now toadying up to the Frogs in case Mr Obama sees him for the shallow money grabber he is.
  6. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Guys. They're all in this together. Politicians have long disappeared - we now have a society of Career Parliamentarians, each feathering their own nest, playing out the supposed game of political crossfire for the free electorate to observe. Thing is, had it not been Brown's shady bunch of cut and paste cod-Thatcherites it would have been Cameron's. And itf the moon fell from the sky and pigs went to alert one-five and the nation forgot itself and voted in Clegg's sorry bunch of losers, it would be them fighting for their lives, trying to cover up massive collusion with big business, finance and widespread corruption. If it's not their expenses they are trying to exclude public scrutiny from, it's their business connections and involvement with massaging contracts. If they are not proclaiming the benefits of state education and sending their own to private then they are busy fluffing their own nests with directorships for influence.

    We protect this, every single fecking day of our lives. We play along to it, every four or five years we are faced with the choice of party A, led by an ex-Oxbridge graduate lawyer who has schmoozed his was in the Cabinet and never got his manicured fingernails dirty or party B led by an ex-Oxbridge graduate economist with the same manicure. His MPs are all automated parrots of his word and are similarly bestowed with benefits and privelidges that mean that their lives won't comprise struggling through the financial crisis or being told they are surplus to requirments on the production line. We uphold this tenet.

    It's also poingnant that today, a Dutch politician with radical views of extremist Muslim Fundamentalism isn't allowed into this country yet the country is awash with nut-jobs and haters from all walks of life, masquerading as 'British Citizens'. I'll make my own mind up about who I listen to, Gordon. I don't need the likes of you, who knights a pillock in the Financial Services Authority and lends him your ear only for it to be the craven image of stupidity, to tell me otherwise.

    It's Democracy, chaps. Remember that? It's the tenet we strive for, get medals for, and is currently the thing Perce and Royal are getting their nads shot off for in some forgotten, distant war or two.

  7. *Sigh*...... Levers for PM!!!!!!
  8. Careful Levers, the thought police will be out to get you. Watch out for the black helicopters.
  9. Well said levers
  10. Well said Levers, spot on.
  11. Mind you, if I'd known him when I was NP2010, when he was one of the reliefs who appeared in November(ish) '82, he'd have got a scud for his cheek when I laughed on my way home!
  12. Levers,you got it in one.
  13. Frank Gallagher would be my choice.
  14. A quick Google shows that the resigner, Sir James Crosby, was knighted in 2006, 2 yrs after being invited to the FSA by Broon and quite some time after assisting HBOS's headlong rush into bankruptcy.

    Good judge of character Mr Broon? Go figure!
  15. But have you noticed just how skillful my MP is at distancing himself from the crap. As ever he only approved the recomendations of a so called independant committee. He only ever acts on the advice of others, and also is never told bad news.
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Just who do they think they are fooling with their weasel words? Are the "common people" looked upon as being so bone now?
  17. I think since the economy has gone tits up the "Common people" who have been mainly riding nicely on the gravy train will now start to take more notice of politics and the decisions that the politicians make and ask more questions of them. Perhaps this is what this country needs to shake people out of the apathetic nature we have become accustomed to for a long time!!

    Watch and shoot!!!
  18. The government has fckd up the education system so much that many who are being awarded degrees are not only looked upon as bone, but certainly are bone. :twisted:

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