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Well goffer me stbd flip flop, some good stuff here

One of the best summers that I ever spent in the pusser was doing said trials on the Mk8. I had taken a team to RAF Lyneham to learn to fly a barrage balloon. On return to HMS Cambridge I spent the summer with my team flying the balloon from the cliffs, a few miles away, with a Radar relflector suspended underneath. We would fly it on command from the trials team and spent the day sunbathing. My wife and young daughter used to come out and spend the day with us. It was a tough life

Nope cant beet that draft granny,best draft i had was to WhaleIsland on the "Single 4 inch " simulator,i was waiting for my GI`s course and this little job turned up,it was ferkin brill,blue card and make n mend every friday afternoon, :D 8)


War Hero
Plymouth Library has a collection of books by a naval author and poet.He was I believe a GI on the HOOD. The books were published by "Bernards" and the titles were, Musings of a Merry Matlelot, A Bluebottle, plus a few others. He had written a splendid poem about the clearing away for action on the 16" gun, and the drill. It concluded with.
"Thats the drill for clear away for action,
"Stand at ease"
I will if possible, try to get up to the library and get it copied should be of interest for all the Gunnery bods. The authors name or pen name was Giraldus.
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