well finaly i have done somthing right

Iam so proud of my eldest...
she found a wallet..........ful of credit cards.bank cards, a driving licence
and some £notes........ she gave to me .... and we took it the its owner.. so i do nothing esle right as a mother at least i have given her the knowlege of right and wrong....
my heart swelled with pride.......... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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Pity reports like this are not seen in the local papers. I like to think that the majority of kids are decent honest people. however this does not make news. The odd 5% of bad ones spoil ti for the rest.
Though no reward would have been expected I do hope the owner of the wallet gave her a little something
Spotted a car with the keys hanging out the door in Chester like a good character ex bootie :w00t: I took them to the cop shop and brought back a note to pin on the windshield :whew: windscreen! having locked the door of course.

The owner phoned me at home thanked me a zillion times on the phone in five seconds. Way I see it is you do a good turn for somebody then they do a good turn for somebody else that way it comes back to you. What goes round comes round as they say.

Nice guy wrong planet!!!
Found some keys in a car on a garage forecourt in winchester, now a housing estate,locked it and handed them in the following morning on my way through.Not even a thanks thourght it was worth at least a pint.Got a warm feeling that Id kept someone out of the sh1t
Drew £100 out of cashline at the local Tesco collected my card and walked off without picking up the dosh. Five minutes later realised what I d done ,

told the doorkeeper and surprise surprise it had been handed in managed to catch the lady and her grandchild in the store--gave them £50 .
Its not the dosh ---I can afford it--its the honesty of the person .Thanked her very much.

It gave me back a bit of hope aswell--there's still some honest people about.

:nemo: :nemo:
Well I am a big believer in Karma.

I never have cash in my purse, but my flatmate had just given me rent money and so for a change I was quite flush. Lost the purse in a car park and with in half an hour it was at the local police station, with all the money still in it!

They guy that handed it in left his business card and I emailed him and declared my undying love for him. He didn't want a reward, said good Karma was more than enough :thumright:

I'd never keep any money. I'd hate to think I had ripped off some old ladies pension money or deprived some family of their grocery money..
I did the same thing as a young lad of fifteen and got big thanks from the owner, now I don't know about karma but I had my wallet returned to me when it fell out as I left a taxi.

However, if the cash machine started spewing out 20's and no one was looking...............

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