Well Done Australia

Looks like the new Australian Government under Mr. Rudd forced a quick change of mind by the Japanese who are terrified of their whaling activities being filmed and made public:-

In the last week, the Labor Government laid out a series of plans to shadow the Japanese fleet with RAAF recon aircraft and customs vessels to document the slaughter and then use it in evidence in a international court action.

The Japanese have now decided that they won't kill Humpback whales as part of their scientific experiments. The 1000 other whales that they will slaughter will be available for scientific appraisal on most Jap fishmongers counters early in the New Year :thumright:

Although the original call was for the RAN and RAAF to shadow the whaling fleet the government decided that the use of military ships and aircraft would be too provocative (at this stage) therefore a Customs vesssel will do the job. This vessel is probably better equipped to record the Jap activity than a warship. The aircraft will come from the Australian Antarctic Division rather than the RAAF.

Of course the ante may be upped depending on what the Japs do.
Echo that,the Aussies [and just about every other countries leaders] have more bottle than the crap we elect in this country.
I should have emigrated there when I was offerered mid sixties.
Would have stopped me living through the Blair years, if only the beer had been better except my wife would have spaced out with nasty spiders and snakes.Although she says I have a great Python! I wish.

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