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Well done AFC Wimbledon and Clydebank - back from the dead


Lantern Swinger,news,afc-wimbledon-proves-romance-in-football-still-exists

Great to see two teams come back from the dead due to supporter power
and achieve some great success this weekend after several years of hard
graft and determination not to go under. My own team Clydebank
were sold to a businessman who renamed them Airdrie United, taking our
Scottish league position, killing the club and many years of tradition in one

The supporters wouldn’t let the team die and consequently reformed the
club as a ‘junior’ (local amateur) side, owned and run by the fans for the
fans. Two promotions later we are in the final of The Scottish Junior Cup
(FA vase equivalent) having disposed of Pollok over two legs, giants of
the amateur game in Scotland and regulars in the final. The Final is at
Kilmarnocks Rugby Park on the 31st of May against Auchinleck
Talbot. There is no pyramid promotion system up here so getting back in
the Senior League is based on being voted in if a vacancy occurs, I’m just
glad I have a team to support, whatever level we are playing at.

AFC Wimbledon have been promoted as Southern Conference Champions
to the Blue Square Premier, several years after being moved 50 miles,
renamed and replaced by MK Dons and like Clydebank reforming and
starting again from the virtual bottom of the non-league football pile. Four
promotions in six years since reforming see the Dons come almost full
circle to where they were in the 1970’s when they began their rise as
Wimbledon FC from Non-league to FA Cup Winners and regulars in the top
tier of the English game. Would love to be at the first league or cup game
between them and the MK Dons, bound to happen! BZ to both teams and
the supporters who kept on believing in their local side.
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