Well 'ard Two and a Half

He became quite a player. Started off as an Ordinary Seaman in 1977. MBE in 1988 and a MiD in 1991, both for his services as a Lt RN in NI.


Lantern Swinger
Fuck me. a Matelot holding a rifle in a shocking way, did he shoot his left hand? Bet he ran the elson cleaners at Camp Bastion.
Frog..Howard was and is a top bloke...He was delivering the MCT to an oilrig and asked if we wanted a "good trip".....he skimmed the waves, then a huge vertical climb up the rig... straight into the hover over the deck whilst we fast roped down...'kin great bit of flying...the cab was rattling and bouncing as we looked out of the front window and just saw rig legs.

When we got back to the FMB..H was in the shit cos he over torqued the frame..or some such shite that woo's know about...good lad though !!
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