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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by redeye, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. Fcuking Welsh were always the same,never change em now
  2. If you dislike the Welsh so much why do you have an avatar depicting the Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch male voice choir?
  3. http://www.thecourier.co.uk/output/2009/03/07/newsstory12739346t0.asp

    Synopsis TWO Lithuanian imigrants, one even having served time for murder in Germany, we let them in, pay them benefits

    Then they go and chop up another imigrant woman, after obtaining her pin number for bank cards and dump her bits in the local harbour

    HOW or WHY did we let them in in the first place?

    Jack McH
  4. Think of all those millions of Muslims waiting for Turkey to join the club so they can pile in and take us over completely.
  5. Those Somalians are such Lovely chaps arent they?
  6. And we have loads of them here living in emergency tents who will no doubt be released at some point and find their way up to Blighty. A lot of them with good clothing and with the latest phones. Hmm, wonder wher they get their money from? "aghhh, JimLad ...."
  7. I don't think we need to worry too much about Turkey being a Muslim country, it it a very relaxed form of the religion practised by the majority.
  8. I don't think we need to be worried about Muslims full stop! Islam is not the problem any more than Christianity was a problem during the Reformation - as always it is the small minority who spoil it for the majority.
  9. Don't you now...............

    Gym Club Closed by Moslems

    Plenty more from all the world
  10. I think they should be culled just as seals are culled, with clubs.
  11. If this was the case I for one would lose more than a few friends both in this country and overseas.
    Why can't people understand that there is nothing wrong with religion, however the way the good books are interpreted by some leaves more than a little to be desired. :twisted: I include all faiths in the last statement.
  12. No I don't - the fact is that they have their belief system and sometimes there is a conflict with other belief systems. The article you quoted draws attention to that fact and explains why!

    It is unfortunate that a compromise cannot be found and there is nothing to suggest that further attempts at compromise aren't going on but the fact is that this is far from a routine occurrence across the UK and even if it was it is a long way short of foreigners committing crimes (which was the tone of this thread in the first instance)

    To brand a single ethnic or religious group as the source of trouble and discontent is little short of a rant of the type typified by the Nazi purge on the Jews in the 30s.

    Catch a grip and be responsible!
  13. I couldnt eat a whole one! :lol:
  14. Now read the article thoroughly.

    A compromise was offered by the school which would allow the Gym club to start at 1830 rather than 1700. This would mean that all female pupils would then be off site so no offense would be given or taken.
    These Muslim parents obviously selected the school because it is an ALL GIRL school.
    So get off your high horse and read the article.
  15. Maybe because plenty of people on this forum have had some really unpleasant experiences in places like NI, Iraq, Balkans, Afghanistan to name but a few.

    Thats my excuse anyway.
    I hate all the organised middle eastern religions.
  16. While nor a Muslim I do think that we in the UK must not lose our freedom of choice.
    My belief is that Islam is stuck in the medieval era and needs to be brought up to date. My friends who are Muslim disagree with me of course. but that does not stop us being Friends.
  17. Too true Slim, Im sad to say that that it looks like another 200 years from now before some of these islamic states drag themselves out of the dark ages.
  18. Yes there are good Muslims, (can't think of both of their names at present), but there are councils who sit with the sole intention to find things they can instill into the UK.

    Sorry but it's a case of 'if you don't like it then fcuk off to Iran', see how you get on there.
  19. Certainly, some Islamists are bent on returning their peers now and the rest of the world, in due course, to medieval practices. These are the Taleban and other fundamentalists who insist on misreading their holy book. Unfortunately, their version of what is really a peace loving religion gains credence when zealots are given the oxygen of publicity.

    I've just finished reading a series of books, both fiction and non-fiction, about Afghanistan and what an educational experience it has been. They basically say how difficult life is when the rest of the world feels it has the right and responsibility to make war in your country!

    But give me an average, respectful, peace-loving and tolerant Moslem any day over the average, grasping, welfare-scrounging, white British chav!

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