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Discussion in 'RFA' started by Good_CO, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. We've had quite a few requests for this so, ta-dah... enjoy and a formal welcome to the RFA even though you've been here for ages.
  2. Dont suppose it was anything to do with double pay for the RFA guys???? when we used to RAS with you on a Sunday :roll: The Skipper of the Vic used to change the days round in the week for you, So any day was a Sunday that we RAS ed with you :wink: :wink: Happy days :lol: :lol:
  3. Good to see you guys now have a dedicated slot, have good memories of your hospitality in far flung outposts.
  4. Didn't know the Stonnery could write! So it must be for the ship drivers.
  5. Ahh double pay, now that was good but stopped in '88, if it was still going i'd have this vastly inflated mortgage paid off with the sunday RAS's we do now.
  6. Good to see the RFA lads (and Lasses ?) onboard...had a mate of mine who joined your service after leaving the Andrew. He has nothing but praise for you, and so do I. Had many a RAS onboard the Centaur and Bulwark (first commish), lets hear (see) more RFA ditties please....
  7. Had a good time when I was on Dilipig as Upholder spare crew. Had my own cabin with en-suite, best 4 months I'd ever had at sea with some good parties in the RFA messes
  8. Hi all just a quick hello.Im joining the RFA in november as an MM2 at sultan

    cant wait.Usually im on the TOOTP forum
  9. I remember being shouted at by an RFA rating once at raleigh,problem was i was an ignorant b*sterd them days and had no idea what RFA stood for, couldn't work out whether he was an RAF or a Reggie of some sort,so said "sorry sir" after calling him that though i kind of figured out that it was a bit of an over statement,he left all satisfied and smilling like a cheshire cat that just got the milk,and the silly sod couldn't tell coz i wasn't wearing any epaules,he just thought that i was a runaway from some RFA seaman class,and came to drag me off with him.
    Bloomin Deck rates.
  10. I want to join the RFA but I also want to join the Royal Navy!
  11. Hello people :wave: I am trying to join the RFA but have been talking to the guys on the RN Forum and they just said I was on the wrong site after them learning my life history of how I have managed to Ba**s up my interview on Monday (if you are by any ways or means curious Zzzzzzz ) it is under 'Interview Nerves' :) Hope to talk to you exciting people and learn more about RFA and you guys xx
  12. Hello to you all, I'm an RFA Deck Cadet currently at Fleetwood Nautical Campus. Introductions feel weird this long after being on the forum but what the hell!

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