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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jenny_Dabber, May 25, 2007.

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  1. First off, welcome to Rumration, the unofficial site for those who are;

    • Interested in the RN/RM
    • Those looking to join
    • Those serving
    • Those served
    • And basically here for general first hand information and naval type banter

    A few rules before posting, please do keep these in mind!

    OPSEC/PERSEC rules, if you do not know what these are, then please read the following simple rules before posting;

    1) Nothing classified should be posted; this means anything to do with exercises/ops, personal names, address, contact details, ship’s movements, DOSTS/OSTS/BOSTS and deployments not yet made public etc.

    And moving on………………………..

    2. No names; these can & will be edited out in any post made.

    3. No flaming, slagging off, or insulting. Argue the point don't insult the other person, Diamond Lil’s is here for that.

    4. If you see something you think is out of order, please do send a Mod or the COs a Private Message and we will review the post/thread in question.

    5. Remember that we can't control who comes into this site. Trolls, attention seekers, journos can and will worm their way into RR, eventually.

    6) Photos; only add photos in RR’s gallery if they have been approved by you or people that are in them. This is most important for those serving as it can reveal who they are, coming under PERSEC.

    One last note; in general, if something is not public domain, then please do not post it.


    The Mods
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  2. Hello all, I'm serving, how's tricks?
  3. Tricks is fine mate!!....welcome to RR..stand by!! :bball:
  4. Tricks sends his love and asks that you drop by to collect your 200 6 inch shell casings which are obstructing access to the GI's Mess.

    Welcome on board the maddest, most eccentric, rainbow-grey pussers war canoe. Bring your own oars and get pulling.... your dits!

    Steve (the Mad Civvy)
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'll have a John Smiths then, Ta.

    Oh & welcome.
  6. Welcome mate,just watch out for walting civvies that have never served a day in the ''andrew'' yet bang on as if they were born with a bosuns call in there gob,and have more jack speak than than a Noel Coward black and white war film set in the North Atlantic. Kiss me sailor!
  7. Hope you not including me in all of that Deeps?

    I got honours for English & Biology? Shite wish I knew more jack speak now...
  8. Paraniod eh? If the cap fits wear it !
  9. Not aimed at you silly.
  10. OK next time you end up in an NHS hospital Deeps will make sure i'm suitably attired with said cap!!
  11. ok well i wouldnt know where to start on medical matters so i would not even begin to attempt to hold a conversation on the topic . I stick to what I know .Military things.
  12. OK lash!. Say Sorry. lash! tapping RR fpr what now cretin....
  13. oh dear ! Forget it.
  14. OK so we are into damage control Deeps :)

    But really, I look like a muppet in those caps you were on about...
  15. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Don't worry Deeps, I understand who you're on about and so should the fetishist to whom you refer.
  16. I suspect the Noel Coward reference gives it away.
  17. Hello people.
    I'm a virgin on this site, so please be gentle and break me in slowly..I am pretty sure that in no time at all I will become a complete slag!

    Bit of info about me...Ex killick stoker...left RN in 1984..(my god was it that long ago o_O )

    And I don't have a drug problem....
  18. Hi shippers i am looking for some livley discussions about anything and every thing because i am a gobby so and so

  19. Hi Gobby...you should do well here then! :pukel:
  20. He means me AP! :oops:

    Are you sure, Deeps?

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