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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by thingy, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. Nutty as Mod. At last!
  2. Has anybody told him??!!??
  3. Now I am a member, no gay comments please, of the Grand Coven of Moderators you can expect not a single thing to change around this forum so ably controlled by Deeps for so long.

    You may of course detect a wiff of diesel and body odour has crepted into these pages.

    I anticipate little action on my behalf unless I can work out a way for a private forum for stretched "T Boats" circa 1954 to 1968 and sneek it past Deeps.

  4. BZ Nutty.... :thumright:
  5. What, not even one teeny, weeny little happy comment?

    Does the Coven use besoms and eat frogs legs?
  6. Good luck Nutty. Get the drinks in to seal your B13
  7. I can be caught at the SA Reunion Brittania Hotel, Coventry 12th/13th Oct if you are there Pinch

  8. Now hanging in the Hall of Sham.......errr Fame.

  9. BZ nutty.Have you still got your truncheon?
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Bloody turncoat :threaten: :threaten: :threaten:
  11. Not another mod ^_^;
  12. Can no-one rid us of this turbulent mod? (Variation of a theme

    Does this mean you're an ossifer now Sir
  13. A bad move ….Nutty is representative of the navy long ago I`ts all he knows and preaches…I don`t blame him for that ..I do exactly the same myself …..I left in 72 and since then the RN has evolved into something completely different from the one I knew…I`m sure Nutty will be a good mod and I wish him the best of luck ….after all we are very short of mods on here at the moment…pity though an opportunity to inject a bit of modern navy (average age 20) has been lost…….
  14. And that has everything to do with moderating a forum because why? as to the Submariners forum I would be willing to bet the average age is over 20 by a few years if not many....so how would a 20yr old something or other relate to this lot?

    Also because someone left long ago, their relationship with the Navy ended? I am sure as with most of those that are no longer serving that they keep up to date with all of the going's on that happens as they are still interested in what happens to the mob while they are no longer serving, if anything the older salts are the first to ensure the younger ones know when they are being taken to the cleaners...it's called experience and it shouldn't be chucked out because someone is "old", very surprised coming from you UA...didn't miss the shot about Mods as well, deeps wanted help and I for one think Nutty is a good choice, did you throw your name into the hat....if not then really what's your beef...?[​IMG]
  15. Fecking ell UA you left in 72.I was born in 72 and I am an old git in forces terms.That makes its clear why you appear to be a silly old [email protected] ''During the war''
  16. Okay then.....left in '72 after (22yrs?). That takes us back to 1950 I think...
    in 1950 UA may have been err 16(?). Go back to birth, that's about.....
    1934. Motor along from 1934 to present day (2007).

    Therefore - my (approximations) calculations make him a spritely 73!!!

    Do I win a prize??

    If it's wrong - not surprised....always was crap at arithmetic. :bigsmurf:
  17. congrats nutty right bloke for the job, 20 down , phuck q. group up half ahead together, lots of revs.
  18. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    You're a sprog, even my young wife has been in longer than you, I'm obviously a sprog because you're only as old as the woman you feel.......................... :dwarf:
  19. No way near billy…..

    Try …..boy entry Ganges aged 15 ,,,joined 6th Oct 59 done twelve came out on my birthday in July 1972 time served ….I`m 63 look 63 and still working….me and Nutty are about the same age in fact we were both on the Tenby (not at the same time)…..there`s a lot on here older and wiser than me….
    or so I`m led to believe.
  20. Never has the appointment of a Moderator drawn so much public debate. I did no realize I would be such a controversial character.

    Its OK I have marked all the cards plus or minus.

    Nutty in his Grim Reapers outfit off to Moderate



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