Welcome home

Welcome home and good effort on an outstanding job!! A heavy toll on casualties for that tour - thought with the families and friends of those who fell.

Also, good luck to 40 Commando who have recently deployed into theatre and have taken control of the Battle Group North from the Royal Anglian Regiment. Stay safe lads!!
It's a shame they couldn't keep the old capbadge, at least until they came home. Either way, welcome home to all the lads who made it back.

RIP Wrighty.

You've got to love the "comments" from people like 'sandy13':

our "HEROES" are paid to kill, not to defend our country


Lantern Swinger
Today's Sun: From Helmand to hellhole - Barracks worse than jail

That they should return to these appalling conditions is a national outrage. It is unthinkable that the Government could have neglected their home like this while they were away.

What sort of a welcome home is that? What a sad message that gives to these brave guys about how much we value their sacrifice.

PS. Good luck to 40 CDO RM. Offhand I am not aware of any BAFF members in that unit, but we do have more members in theatre now than in the previous rotation, including members of the BAFF 15-person Executive Council. Regardless, good luck to everyone serving our country in AFG. We are all proud of you.

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