Welbeck DSFC, Sift Interview and AIB

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jakeypeg, Mar 3, 2016.

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  1. I am currently applying to join the RN as an officer through Welbeck & I have my Filter interview in 2 weeks time at AFCO Taunton. I would really appreciate advice on how to pass this and also the AIB which hopefully I will be able to attend upon completion of this.

    Kind Regards
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  2. Good luck Jakeypeg, my no.2 offspring is at Welbeck , it was a hard slog getting there, but she is loving it. The various threads on here were very useful.
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  3. A good start would be to be able to work things out for yourself, that's sure to impress the AIB. Try the search function.
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  4. Don't be daft Rab, if you wish to be an Hoccifer then start off like an Hoccifer and get others to do yer bidding:p
    Give that potential leader extra merit points
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  5. I am also on the same track Jakeypeg, did my sift earlier this month and I believe the AIB dates are endo of June/ Early July, shortly after GCSE exams are over.
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  6. I completed my sift interview this week and I have just been told to wait for AIB details. Never know, may be on the same one :p
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  7. I'm fairly sure my AIB is 4/5 July, only skim read my info, I think I'll give it another read through. One thing it does say is that they no longer expect us to have the in-depth naval knowledge that would have previously been expected, which makes me think there will be more emphasis on leadership and motivation questions during the interview.
  8. Thanks for informing me, I have been really stressed about the full knowledge at 15 given the GCSE's I'm also doing
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  9. Yeah, I'm in the exact same position pal, 11 GCSEs to do and I would have struggled to memorise the fleet on top of that. I take it that you aim to join as an Engineer, but what branch?
  10. Aviation as being near Yeovilton it's a main way of life and as a result I took an interest in it and set my heart on that. What branch are you looking at joining?
  11. Weapons, it seems fairly interesting
  12. Hey mate when's your AIB?
  13. Looks like we are on the same AIB my friend!
  14. Appears I am aswell! Look forward to seeing you all there and best of luck to you all!
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  15. I also noticed that I have to do a physics test there aswell? Possibly a hard in depth one?
  16. I don't think it will be too difficult, perhaps not far off the psychometric tests

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  17. Do you guys have Facebook? We could message eachother on there if you like? Create a group chat perhaps for us and other potential Welbexians attending this AIB?
  18. Yeah sound, add me C***** Holmes, M********

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  19. Not one hundred percent sure but I think I've added you!

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