Weird Sea Creatures

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Cpt_Black, May 20, 2008.

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  1. On a long deployment, I'm sure you get to see whales, dolphins, maybe a few sharks etc. But whats the weirest sea critters people have seen, photos also good. And any involing good dits please.

    I happened on this from the bbc which inspired my question!
    Flying Fish
  2. Don't know why this is news. Used to see flying fish all the time when we had a Far East Fleet :thumright:
  3. I spotted the Kraken once, but luckily he was still asleep. :biggrin:

    On a slightly more serious note, I had the misfortune to spot a senior High Court judge (who shall remain nameless) standing on the deck of his yacht, washing down the deck with a hosepipe, wearing nothing but his blue Y-fronts. A most unpleasant sight! :pukel: Judges should keep their wigs on, if nothing else...

    Then again I was standing on deck wearing my old navy blue cotton, knee length shorts from my schooldays (which still fitted me in my RNXS days :lol: ) and a vest, getting some fresh, icy air before breakfast. Moral: avoid mooring on the River Hamble in January.
  4. Did they taste like game or fish? ;)
  5. At anchor just outside the 50 mile limit of Mekong Delta it was decided to have a fishing competition to relieve the boredom.
    Dabs rigged a taup on the flight deck and filled it with sea water, every time you cast there was a bight within seconds....never seen fish like it, blue , green , red and all really ugly bastards which were tossed into the taup, after about an hour sew sew came up on deck for a tab, took one look in the taup and then ran back down below.
    Two minutes later he reappeared with the laundry crew and a large fanny which they filled with fish, what a supper they had that night. :thumright:
  6. At anchor, off Karachi, one evening in 74.
    A few of the guys were angling and one caught a sea snake. It was a big evil looking sod; black and dark green with, when it opened it, a vivid red mouth. I’ve never seen a quarterdeck clear so fast. We had been told that something like 95% of sea snakes were deadly poisonous.

    Eventually someone cut it’s head off.
  7. An Halal killing ey? ;)

    Of course, as you all proved, the human is the deadliest of all sea creatures. See below for more information.

    Here are some portugese "sea snakes"...
  8. Wierdest thing I have seen at sea is an offshore drilling crew -and if any of them read this they will take it as a compliment!

    In reality in the North Sea at least things have changed but in the old days the drillers met in the bar the night before the flight offshore and got out of their skulls - then up at 0430 for the 0600 check-in at Dyce and off to one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Today, you have breath tests and nobody dares to get get pissed before an offshore flight.

    To answer the question - seen flying fish, dolphins etc. but got huge shock the other week when a 3m python was seen calmy climbing up on to the jetty at Sembawang right by my vessel!

  9. one of the carriers

    we had the lift well monster and K7.

    FYI there are 6 boilers on a CVS number K1 - K6. figure
  10. Marines? Now they are pretty weird creatures!
  11. Not wierd but doing a spot of fishing off the quartdeck in Sembawang kept pullling out these catfish weighing several pounds each - thoughts of free laundry flashing infront of our eyes but when No 1 Laundryman came up to inspect the catch he wouldn't touch any of them! Ba%&$d!

    Wierdest thing I caught laying off Tonga was a puffer fish -- stupid thing started puffing up but it was out of the water so filled up with air - when chucked back in it floated .. that was until the biggest sh*tehawk I've seen swopped down for supper!

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