Weird pub regulars

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by seafarer1939, Jul 10, 2010.

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  1. Some more irrelevant crap.
    What are your experiences of pub characters?
    I remember!
    1.A friend of mine who,after a hard day down the pit,always came home had his dinner and went to the pub until closing time.In despair his wife hid his clothes one day to stop him,he promptly dressed in hers and went to the pub!
    I never saw it but it seems he sat there quite contentedly in a dress.
    To a man, he was admired.
    2.We have in our local,an old seaman dressed up in old fisherman's clothes who regales tourists with his life in the Merchant Navy.He points over to me and tells them him and me are the only true "Deep Blue Water Seamen" in the village.Trouble is he worked on the bins all his life,a rowing boat would be a thing of wonder to him!
    3.We have a Western fanatic who,after watching all the cowboy films,liked the way the Yanks called each other by the state they were born,ie Texas,Arizona,Montana so now he calls all from the county they come from!
    If you walk in he says"How you doing,Northumberland?or Yorkshire,Kent or Devon
    He's been told it's bloody annoying but that don't work,he's happy but he may get a slap soon!
    Guess there are/were plenty in your locals
  2. On honeymoon in Lefkas, beach inn we used had a large gobby Essex man proping up the bar most days, me at the outdoor serving hatch ordering a couple of pints and he shouts ''Ere, r u inglish''
    'No, I am from Yorkshire'
  3. Seafarer, we have a similar place by us with unusual characters like you, but we call it an asylum :wink: :D :D
  4. Bollocks Rumrat,it looks like I've made a wrong turning somewhere in the street!

  5. I made a wrong turning somewhere in my" life" :D :D :oops:
  6. When I worked at a bar, we had a ginger bloke we called crazy legs, come in every thursday and friday night. He would order two redbulls and then when he had finished do some spak attack dancing on the dance floor, which was nearly always empty with just him on it. 8O

  7. Echo's of "Guilda" 8O :D

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