Weird films I have seen...


War Hero
when i went to the old Soviet Union back in 1976,me and my oppo went to see a film called "Blokade",it was about the blockade of Leningrad by the nazis in the 2nd WW.We sat through 4 and a half hours of mediochre action.The film ended rather abruptly.Odd we both thought,but on speaking to our "shadow" or chaperone as sh liked to call herself,she told us that we had only seen the first of 3 Parts!!!!!


saw a film in the 70's called " the devils" I think film standards must have relaxed sensorship that year because the industry started churning out real grizly films for the first time, any way ,went to the gents part way through and couldnt get near the place for people throwing up ! ( not me I kept my eyes shut )it would probobly get a pg rating nowadays !

film with the jug ear kiddy from malcom in the middle program

**** knows what that was about

Momento ( I think)

guy pearce from neighbours has a 5 min memory

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