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Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Always_a_Civvy, Oct 13, 2006.

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  1. I thought it might be interesting (or not) to have a thread for listing the weirdest films you've ever seen, and I don't mean English footballers scoring for Croatia or a womble clambering up the vine covering Commcen Whitehall. Nor do I mean phone vids of your oppo throwing up over her Miss Piggy duvet or licking the moist interior of his favourite sock, Ermintrude. No, just plain, regular films, videos or DVDs...

    To start you off, I've just been watching the oddest DVD since the highly addictive Danish hospital drama The Kingdom (Riget). It's a DVD by the Canadian Director Guy Maddin (from somewhere in Canada) called The Heart of the World. Lasts just 6 minutes. A bit like a surreal version of Fritz Lang's Metropolis.
  2. I just watched a Guy Ritchie film called Revolver and was left wondering what the fcuk was that all about. Real shite.
    Also watched Clockwork orange whilst in UK a few weeks ago, now that is complete and utter toss.
  3. Clockwork Orange, saw it at the flicks when it came out. It was shite then.
    It was banned by the Board of Film Censors for 30 years or so, & it became an underground cult classic.
    Just goes to show that if you ban something it becomes sought after so censorship doesn't work.
  4. Not realy a weird film , but I thought Soldier Blue in the 70s [Candice Bergen & Peter Strauss] was a brilliant film , seen it a few months ago and thought it had dated so much , could'nt believe it was the same bloody film , thought the title song was good and it still is , :lol: 8)
  5. Exactly, that is why animal porn should be legalised :lol:
  6. Have you ever heard an animal complain of exploitation?
  7. No cos they normaly have their mouth full :twisted: :twisted:
  8. How about the literally gifted ones. Have you ever heard of even 1 written complaint?
    I had intercourse with a pig once, but sadly it squealed on me.
  9. I prefer sex with a nice pussy , moist or damp I dont mind which , there both lovely , yum yum :lol: :lol:

    every womans dream , a wet pussy !!!!!!!!!! , or every mans come to that ,
  10. dusk till dawn
    weird biker vampire thing starring harvey keitel.
    watched it pissed - very odd.
  11. Very odd until Salma Hayek starts doing that dance with the snake, now that was horny!
    Wild at heart with Nicholas Cage, what the hell was that all about?
    Surprised no one has mentioned Jacobs Ladder, a real mind fcuk.
  12. saw a film years ago, about an group of american airmen who's bomber had crashed in the desert and were awaiting rescue, turns out that they were all dead and didn't realise it until their bodies were recovered and they started to dissappear one by one. The name of it escapes me now, but it was a good film if not a little odd. Anyone remember it / know what it was called?
  13. Any thing at Collingwood that tried to explain electronics
  14. well on Hermes 81 we watched Blazing Saddles & the Warriors every day for 3 months & still find Blazing Saddles funny but a tad on the rascist side now.
  15. Blazing saddles, brilliant film, as for racist, not really specially as the black dude always came out on top. Bit like the old TV series Love Thy Neighbour. Wish they would rerun the series
  16. Eraserhead definitely
  17. [quote="Scran_Bag
    It was banned by the Board of Film Censors for 30 years or so,

    It was not banned by BBFC...Stanley Kubrick the director pulled it because of the copycat ''droogs'' kicking the shit out of people..only re-released on his death a few years ago.
  18. sliding doors!

    WTF is going on there? Where are we? Whats happening? Onc eit was explained to me... It was still shite.

    The matrix (perm any 1 from 3). Crackers.
  19. Watched a film on board last week called Jigsaw. What a load of toss. 5 people make a dummy by supplying individual parts. It then comes to life and proceeds to kill them. Really lame plot and acting. I cant believe I gave up 90 minutes of my life up to it
  20. I was in a bar in Venezuela and there was this film on the television, over the bar. It must have just started when I got there and the sound was very low (the Spanish sub-titles were written loudly). It was about this weird looking bloke who kept getting mental flashbacks to things relating to lots of blood. I was only in the bar for about an hour and I never really got in to the film's plot. It did give me this feeling of unease, though. The only clue to its title, "Haemoglobin", was via the numerous advert breaks. It was so odd that I really must watch it properly sometime. I have scoured Google to find it but, alas, to no avail.

    Foreign bars are great places for seeing obscure films. In a bar in Kandy, I watched from beginning to end an Indian film about a IAF Wg Cdr avenging the Family honour during the '71 India v Pakistan war. Some beautiful flying sequences and both sides wore proper uniforms with real Air Force ranks. Not a weird film at all but, if anyone recognises it, I'd like to know its title so that I can get a copy.

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