Weighted vests

Due to a need to run with weight and the increase in tempo of training at the moment (assault course with 15lb, etc) I was considering buying a weighted vest for use on runs as I obviously can't go running around in my webbing out of the unit.
So, has anyone got/used one or have any alternative? (And yes I have used Google and asked my staff but keep getting conflicting answers so some extra advice wouldn't go amiss.)



Go to your med centre and ask for some bags of out of date IV fluids. 1 litre of fluid weighs 1 kg. Put them in a rucksack. Because they're soft they won't stick into your back.
Fair enough. I was just wondering as to whether these purpose-designed things may be better what with proper weight distribution and all that sort of bollox...
Onwards with the assorted vegetable produce and building materials! (Plenty of the latter to spirit away round here at the moment anyway...)


Lantern Swinger
Hmm, perhaps you're in a city. I would take a piece of turf off of my garden, dig up so earth and put it in a bin liner which would go in a rucksac - easily adjustable to the right weight and maliable to the back if its a bad bag design!

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