Right i am just about to hand in my application in to the AFCO, the only problem i have is that i am 17st 9, i can run the pjft just under the time required for my age 9sec's under. I am loseing weight and have managed 1st so far and expect to be around 14 st mark within the next 6 months. I am slightly concerend that they just take one look at the fact am 17.9st and chuck it away


Lantern Swinger
Any idea what your BMI is whiteknight?

If it's between 18.5 and 24.9 then you should be alright, anything over and you'll have to lose the weight, which is what you plan to do :)

4 stone is a LOT to lose in 6 months though is it not?
just been looking at that 32.7, had my bp taken the other day it was 135/91 which i think is ok. 4st 6 months nah should be fine done it before, i say 6 months but really looking towards entry which at the earliest is going to be 6months to a year.
There seem to be a number of different criteria, and it mostly seems to be down to the doc on the day to make the call.

You need a BMI less than 27.
Failing that - you're waist needs to be less than 37 inches. (this covers those built like brick outhouses)

If you fail those two and you can only just manage the fitness test it is likely that the AFCO doc will not let you procede through selection until you meet the requirements. Some people on here have been able to convice the AFCO doc to let them go through selection with the condition that they will lose weight later, provided they get a very good time on the PJFT. (under 10 mins).

I was 17`7" in June, and I'm now down to 15`7" with a goal of about 14`10" to be BMI 27. I can run the PJFT in 9:20 (the excellent cat for age 25+) so I hope the doc will let me continue to apply whilst losing more weight.

I should add - the above info is just re-iterating what has been said on these forums over the last three months. It could all be bollocks.
TimeToJoinUp said:
so I hope the doc will let me continue to apply whilst losing more weight.
sorry didn't understand this bit

In the same 25+ boat of my 4 attempts so far i've managed 14.47, 14.15, 12.58, then last friday 12.30

thanks for the info under 27 on the bmi for me is def do able soon and the waist is a 36, so 3.5st to lose.

Under no illusion of the task and def want to be doing the pjft in sub 10min....s**t 2.30mins to lose eek.
whiteknight said:
sorry didn't understand this bit
Well - the doc can say to you "I will let you do your PJFT if you promise to lose 4 Kgs before going to Raleigh". You then get to do you interview and clearance checks, but if you don't lose the 4Kgs you will not get to go to Raleigh.

His other option is to say "You cannot do your PJFT until you lose 4Kgs, come back when you have". Your application then stops until he gives you the clear.
supermario said:
You will need to undergo a medical during the selection and you will need to lose wieght to pass it. It doesn't stop you applying though.
Ok cool i think that was basically the answer i was looking for i just want to know that if i hand my application it will start the process off. The next question i supose would be because i know at this stage i would fail a medical because of my weight, there is no point in me going through it will the AFCO be ok with that and when i know/feel that i am in a postion to pass take the medical.
So that any of the Careers Advisors who look at the thread can get an idea as to when you will be starting at Raleigh and can thus advise on how long you have in which to lose the weight, based on the waiting-time list.

Only for that reason.
TimeToJoinUp said:
You need a BMI less than 27.
Failing that - you're waist needs to be less than 37 inches. (this covers those built like brick outhouses)
This is what the doc told me. I weigh 17st precisely or 108kg and I'm 6"4 or 192cm. That gives a BMI of just over 29 which doesn't meet the criteria. The doc passed me because I have a 35" 'waist' which is not the waist measurement a tailor would take and is in fact around your belly/taking the belly button as the centrepoint. Don't get caught out on that. He said that you can have a 37" waist or 94cm and don't go pulling that measuring tape tight!

My doctor didn't even ask what my fitness/PJFT time by the way so I'm not sure that holds much weight in an argument over your medical?

One last thing to bear in mind, your deadline to lose weight by is not when you aspire to join up but when you have your medical.
U need to start smoking mate. It will speed up your metabolism and suppress your appetite. Every time you want a bag of crisps spark up a benson and ul be fine. I started smoking 20 a day and I lost 3 stone just through smoking and not changing anything else in my diet or excersise routine.
I'd have thought you'd have come up with something a bit more original nails, for example:

"The doc said I was 3 stone overweight, so I went to the hospital and had the top 1/3rd of my knob chopped off. That took off 4 stone, and it had the added benefit of stopping the ladies from fainting every time I showed them my trouser snake."
Go to your GP and ask for a Long Weight. I've heard one of those can help you lose weight, but you need to do it just before meal times! :twisted:


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I had a problem with my wight when i went for my medical, he said everything else was fine but as i was over the limit he failed me. i've lost the weight he said i needed to lose. my first medical was only 2 months ago. when i go to redo it will i have to go through the whole lot again or is it like an mot where they will just check the part i failed on.
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