Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by krisbnt, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. Hello everyone, Ive had some really useful advice so far on this site and would like to ask a question about weight. Ive already got some advice on a personal message but wandering what you other guys think about it. Last time I applied to the navy which was at the start of last year, i passed all the tests and interview to be a weapons tiff (im glad i didnt do it now as im v interested in AET). Anyhow I passed all these but when i went for the medical i failed as at the time i was 17 stone and 6ft 1inches. Both chief and I both knew I would fail but he wanted me to go for advice. The doc said he wanted me to get to 14 stone. I thought this was very low indeed and couldnt imagine me actually getting to this. Ive been told during basic training you tend to shed any extra weight you have anyhow. I understand i need to get some weight off before going back and continuing with my application but i was wandering what you guys thought would be a reasonable weight in order for me to pass?
    Many thanks guys!
  2. Its all down to your Body Mass Index, Thus your height and frame size are important, also your amount of muscle, which ways considerably more density heavier than fat, most rugby forwards would be classified to heavy to join the RN.
    Thus if your a lardy get running, build up slowly, join a gym and get nutritional advice, if you are Arnold Schwarzenegger don`t worry about it the doc should take it into consideration.
  3. Bloody hell, you're almost as heavy as me!!! ...But not quite... :wink: :lol:
  4. Krisbnt

    Dont let the docs pressure you into dropping to a certain weight - its absolute Bollocks.

    Now Im currently in training for the Royal Marines Reserve. Im fit and although I need to tone a bit after my Xmas feast (who doesn't) I am by no means fat or overweight (check my picture gallery for confirmation).

    Im a short arrse at 5ft 9ins and I weight 13 1/2 stone!!! Im sure on the doctors chart Im close to obese and ideally I should weight 10-11 stone. Id be built like a stick insect at that weight!!

    From experience there is no such thing as a perfect weight as there are too many factors to take into account ie: Height, build, physique etc. Remember muscle weights more than fat so you might hit the gym, lose fat, build muscle and still weight more!!!

    Start focusing on cardio training, with long slow runs (at around 60% of your heart rate training band) 4 times per week. Get yourself down to a size you feel comfortable with and once you feel your body is ready, then re-apply. You are right - when you do your basic training, you will shed more weight anyway, as your always on the move.

    PM me if I can be of any further help bud.

  5. Krispy type bloke
    As spenny et al said on this thread, it's to do with your BMI (body mass index is height times weight) which in my very humble opinion doesn't really work if you compare an oppo of mine who is 6' 8", and 24 stone. The bloke was asked to lose quite a bit of weight because of his diabetes etc which he duly did. I have to say he looked bloody ridiculous after he had lost 3 stone and basically decided not to lose anymore. More to the point, whose gonna argue with the geezer about it anyway he's ******* huge. My point is that maybe you should try and get a second opinion if indeed this is warrented. If however your a knacker as copenhagen cup pointed out i'd refrain from the pies and get out training mate.
  6. Mate, it's not as hard as you think!!!

    I'm 5ft 9 and I was 15 stone as of new year 2005, but I'm down to about 2lb under 12 stone now!

    I think I'm 11st 12lb.

    I want to get to 10 1/2st - 11st!

    So when I do, that'll be a loss of 4 stone!

    Go for it!!! :grin:
  7. Well I'm 6ft 1 and 12 and a half stone, but it really depends on your fitness. Muscle is heavier than fat so if you're into lifting heavy weights then that could explain it.

    However basic is a mix of resistance and cardiovascular work so if you do tend to be weights focussed when you're training then I'd fit in some CV work, running is what you'll do in basic but it is pretty hard on the knees and ankles when you're heavy. Next best thing is really rowing but cycling can do you good as well.

    Personally I train 5 or 6 times a week either CV or bodyweight resistance. It just needs some personal planning.
  8. As has been mentioned you have to match a certain body mass index:


    I understand you have to be below a BMI of 30, but the Army recently relaxed this to allow a BMI of 32 for physically muscular individuals (to allow for the fact that muscle is heavier than fat).

    So, 6'1" is 185cm tall, so with a maximum BMI of 30 you can be 103kg or 16 stone 3 lbs. Don't know where he got 14 stone from then. I can only suggest that they have changed the BMI maximum, are disputing your height (by a lot!) or he made a mistake.

    Hope that helps.
  9. I did my joining application in Oxford, the Doc said I needed to drop 4 pounds before I could go through! 4 FRICKING POUNDS!!! So I worked hard, losing less wieght is harder than more I think. So I turn up again and he says I need to lose half a pound, I laughed at him and said are you kidding! I then approached the PO in the career centre and told him how silly it sounded, he agreed and I went through.

    Imagine how suprised I was with only being in basic for 3 weeks and 2 entries behind me, atleast 8 of them were very over weight, I mean to the fact that running 300 metres killed them.

    So on that point, I think it depends on who you go to or your dedication!
  10. half a pound? you should have gone for a shit and be done with it.
  11. Believe me I had, along with no eating that morning and pee'ing like there was no tomorrow! Sods law made an effort to show it's self that day :grin:
  12. haha im the opposite.

    on my medical morning im going to be eating and drinking until i explode.

    doing excessive running since iv been quite young means i come in 4 kg under the minimum, due to no fat . my experience in rock climbing, and climbing all sorts means i can kill the chin ups and stuff, and can easily support my body weight, but i have to add that weight.

    a lot of it has to come from doing muscle building and a high protein diet, because i cant eat 4kg of food and still walk afterwards.

    its all a bit silly. its not like im goin to fly away in a strong wind.
  13. I'm in the same boat as Chris,

    I have never understood why, but I have immense difficulty in putting on weight. Being five foot five I'm something of a short chap, and at eight stone (on a good day) I'm quite light. This poses an enormous problem at medicals because I'm right on the edge of being underweight. Can anyone suggest what quantity and quality of food I ought to be eating to remedy this, as well as what sort of effort I need to be putting in the gym?
  14. chips , chips, and more feking chips washed down with gallons of guinness,worked for me ...joined up as 9 stone weakling left as 15stone fat person also gained an inch in height ....dunno how ?
  15. When I applied I was 13 1/2 stone and 5'9", told my target weight for height was 11 1/2 stone, so I lost two stones in 6 weeks to make the entry I had planned for, really hard work, basically lived on salad and was swimming and running every day after work. It was a real pain but worth the effort
    After basic training I was back to 13 1/2 stone again and 5'10, but a hell of a lot fitter!!
    If you want it that bad you just have to put the sacrifice in............ :smile:
  16. Don't you get warned or anything for going back over the weight mark again?

    Isn't there a standard of weight that must be kept at all times like most things in the Armed Forces? :shock:
  17. BMI is a load of tosh. But saying that, if a doctor won't let you through because of your weight, then fact is you have to try to achieve what they suggest. Because they won't let you through any other way.

    I was only just heavy enough for my trade (right on the lower limit). But i can still crack out tons more push ups, pull ups and the like than what's needed. Regardless, if i'd have been a kilogram lighter, i wouldn't have made it that time.

    Evaulate your health yourself. Do you eat well and excercise regularly? If not, do. If you do, it's a good base to build up from. Let us know!
  18. Do the same rules for weight/fitness apply to the RNR?
    I run 3 times a week and do a lot of hill-walking but am a substantial 17st (6' 1").
    looks like I may have to postpone my application to RNR for a while!
  19. Exactly the same rules apply to the RNR, which being the service I only just passed the weight criteria mark. I barely made it by drinking foul 'weight-gain' milkshakes from Boots!

    The reason I ask for advice on this is because I'm hoping to join the regular service as an aircrew officer and would like to pass by a more confident margin.
  20. Thanks peter

    I've timed myself on the PJFT run and make it with a minute to spare and am pretty strong, I just carry extra ballast!!

    Look ike it's the rabbit food and shakes then!


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