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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Seany, Jun 28, 2009.

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  1. I am due to go for my medical on Wednesday. I am worried I may be rejected because of my weight. I am 6ft 3 "" with weight of 17st 2lbs.
    If I am knocked back would I get another chance to lose some weight and try again. Should I put my medical back or go for it. The weight I am carrying is mostly muscular. I would be really grateful for any advice.
    Thanks Seany
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    PM scarface2009, he'll have some advice for you.

    Edit, "The weight I am carrying is mostly muscular", :lol:
  3. Seany

    You should go for the medical on Wednesday. The decision to pass you as fit or not will lie with the Doctor based on his/her examination of you on that day.

    If the only thing he/she has a problem with is your weight, he/she will tell you what you should be aiming for and offer any necessary advice. He/she will ask you to come back on another date to be weighed again and, if you have reached the weight he/she suggested, he/she will then pass you as fit.

    By the way, what are you joining as? When did you sit your test?

    Let us know how it goes on Wednesday.
  4. So's mine, but it's mainly 'relaxed'. :oops:
  5. if hey fail you they will tell you to loose a certain amount of weight, it depends ho much muscle, they might let you pass... well good luck
  6. Ah, another "Yeah, but no, but yeah." armchair expert puts his head above the parapet.
    If only the phrase targets will fall when hit had any relevance on the interweb!

    Seany, check your weight /height Body Mass Index on one of the BMI calculators available on the web (BBC BMI is good as it's in Imperial rather then metric so no pesky conversions.), it's down to the Medical Officer but good luck.
  8. But his is "mostly muscle", whilst yours is the result of bad diet and habits. And don't shout, you'll strain your typing finger.

    Height 6'3", weight 17stone 2 using the BBC BMI calculator here
    gives a BMI of 30.1.
    You're as thick as a whale omelette you eh?
  9. I was 111kg when i went for my medical, was told to lose 15kg to get my bmi under 28 before i could pass the medical. The doctor also told me he didn't want to see me for at least 4 months as if i had managed to lose that amount of wait in 4 months i would probably not be able to keep it off, for long! It's know 3 months since that medical and i still have 4kg to go.

    My best tip so far would be to stop drinking, as much.
  10. I have got my weight down, and am starting to build more muscle, problem is i like a good drink, doesnt go down to well on the gut
  11. Ah well eat a few more pies to even it up a bit!!
  12. Swap the pints for spirits. You're average pint has at least 300 calories, 8 pints = 2400 calories. A spirit and diet mix is only about 40calories.
  14. Thanx all for the advice. Well I went for my med on Weds and you were all right. I got to lose 9 kg and then go back. They gave me 3 months to lose it. Problem is I go on hol in three weeks so not much chance of losing any then. Have stopped the weight training and started fitness. Will try and get as much as I can off before I go on hol.
    Any tips on weight loss much appreciated
  15. just make sure when you go holiday, go for the healthier options, and stay off the beer, stick to spirit mixers and diet drinks, but 3 months is still a long time, enjoy your hol!!
  16. Seany

    What's a typical day's menu for you?

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