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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by deano_navy, May 4, 2010.

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  1. just wondering i am about 6ft 1 and not the most built person. I weigh about 10.7 stone. I dont know if this would make me fail the medical or what is acceptable. i am extremely fit though.

  2. im 5ft 8 and weigh 11.11 and joining in 4weeks time
  3. Errrrrr....
  4. Wouldn't think so as it would give you a BMI of around 19-20 which is just in the healthy range.
  5. I'm a Slim Jim myself. What is the BMI threshold for joining up?

  6. sorry my hot dogs were done so i couldnt finish the sentence :D
    forgot to say , so i cant see that being a problam.
  7. Sorry if I'm being thick but aren't healthy BMI numbers in the late teens and twenties? Or are they organised into a few numbered categories?
  8. Ha! I'm also 6' 1†and have a bmi of 18 if I remember correctly and I was passed fit, you should be fine mate! :)
  9. I'm 6'2" and weigh 17 stone. BMI would be off the scale!
  10. im 5" 11" and weigh 13.5 stone, and im a fat shit ????, i dont pay any attention to all that.
  11. Can't agree more with JJ and Daffy, the BMI needs to be seriously looked at and ammended so it truely reflects the person it calculates...

    Perhaps maybe scrap it altogether? You really only need to look at someone to tell if they are overweight really, and you can tell if that weight is fat or muscle.
  12. Most doctors have the common nogging to see if a person is a fat f*ck or too thin f*ck to join the forces.

    BMI to them is a guide nothing more IMO
  13. Thank fcuk for that. I used the NHS online tool to calculate my BMI index and it is 17.3.

    I'm a wiry olliental :rabbit: - we probably just have lighter bones or something. 8)
  14. I'm actually very thin. But I'm thick thick thick up to hear with it. :D
  15. Ignore bmi results they are utter bs ! I'm 6"1 14.7 stone and classed as over weight on bmi but I can do my 1.5 mile in 9mins dead! Can many so called over weight ppl do that! Wot is your upper body strenght like ?
  16. My upper body strength is fine. I was a scrawny little fecker growing up but as I got older and fleshed out I still remained light as a feather even though there's visible muscle in all the right places... I seriously wonder if Orientals such as myself really do have lighter bones???
  17. It doesn't really matter does it if you can do what is required then that's ok!
  18. When I saw the nurse who took me for the first part of my medical and took my weight last November, she commented that she could tell that I was physically fit and trained and said that my weight shouldn't be a problem as 'loads of big guys and rugby player types pass through no problem'.

    The doctor who then saw me for the second part didn't seem to have much common sense at all and stuck very rigidly to his little colour coded BMI chart.

    I'm 6"3 and weighed 17 stone. My BMI is 29.7 going by those figures.

    BMI Categories:

    Underweight = <18.5
    Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
    Overweight = 25-29.9
    Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

    So I'm just under being classified as obese. According to the BMI charts, if i'm over 14 stone 9Ibs i'm considered overweight. The last time I was that weight was about 12 years ago, I looked like a string bean due to my frame.

    I did pass the medical but the doctor said if I was 1 pound heavier or had been 1 cm bigger round he waist, then he woulod have failed me.

    Obviously when I eventually start I need to pass all the physical tests which I'll make sure I'm more than prepared for but there is 1 thing that I did want to ask... I understand that you take another medical at Raleigh within the first couple of days; could I be deemed medically unfit to continue if my BMI is the same as it is now, regardless of whether I'm capable of passing the physical tests?
  19. Watch what you eat, and keep exercising and you shouldn't have a problem IMO

    But I'm no medical expert
  20. BMI is nonsense, im 14.5 stone and 6'1 so my BMI puts me at overweight at 25.8. LOL, good joke i ran the PJFT in 8.50! I think any doctor in the world would find it hard to fail a person for that.

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