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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by dave1991, Jul 3, 2011.

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  1. I have passed my psychometric test and will be having my eye test soon and it was recommended although not needed to lose a 10 KG within 2 months can any one give me some advice. I run for half an hour every day and have an hour work out as well. I have lost 4 KG sine the last time I was weighed but I want to lose weight faster.
  2. Stop eating ... simples :hungry:
  3. Great advice.

    Dave, i would suggest eating a balanced diet, also not just running for 30 minutes each day, but actually pushing yourself to the max each time you run. And also run on alternate days.

    Try Fartlek ( Fartlek - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) and interval training ( Interval training - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ), this different methods have proven too aid weight loss significantly, if done correctly.

    Also try not to use weights too gain muscle mass. you can use free weights for strengthening exercises ( such as lunges Ect.).

    If you push yourself, and feel motivated for this, you should see and feel results. And hopefully reach your target!

  4. Whilst you are waiting for other replies, VoilĂ  - A snake oil weight loss advert appears at the very top of your thread!

    (You might not lose much avoirdupois but most suchlike schemes are guaranteed to reduce your poundage {sterling} :wink)
  5. janner

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    You are a fitness/diet guru aren't you?
  6. Use a Hoover to suck it out of you
  7. sgtpepperband

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  8. Ninja_Stoker

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  9. sgtpepperband

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    Bite me, sugartits! :twisted:
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  10. Maybe I can help, this may seem obvious but here goes you need to look at your diet, look at your protein and carbs intake. Try doing your run before breakfast.

  11. This, you might be surprised at what you are putting in your gob.

    if you have a smart phone try looking for myfitnesspal. It's a cool app which lets you keep track of you kcals and macros (protein, fats, carbs), all by scanning in the products bar code.

    or you could try throwing up after you eat... you will be ready for the cat walk in no time ;)
  12. Eat lots and lots of wabbit food. Ditch gash food, and no booze whatsoever. Exercise for an hour a day, and vary it so you don't get bored (run, gym, swim, bike etc). Walk lots, if you've got a dog then walk the poor f***er into the ground. If ever you feel hungry (and you will) then eat an apple or an orange.

    Doing this lost me 1kg/wk when I went on a "shift-pudge" push last year.

    Hope this helps
  13. Drink more water too. If you dont have enough water in your body its harder to break down fats. Your body chemically needs water molecules to split the triglycerides up into something useful it can burn. As an added bonus, drinking cold water uses calories to bring it up to body temp. And if you drink plenty of water you will find you are not as hungry as modern man often misinterprets thirst as hunger.

    Having said all this I seldom take my own advice and I am chronicly dehydrated most of the time :blush::blush:

    Success to you.
  14. My shit detector is burning with this. Have you ever tried mixing fat (triglycerides) and water? They don't mix well. And drinking cold water uses up calories in heating process - by that rationale you could lose weight by sitting in a freezer. Instead, you tend to die.

    Right - chronically (note spelling) means long term. Acute means short term. Nothing to do with severity. Example: me knocking over my coffee earlier tonight - acute problem. People continually abusing medical terms and spouting pseudo-science rubbish - chronic problem.

    I'm going to pour myself a Scotch and calm down now.
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  15. Angrydoc, I have two degrees in biochemistry, and what I said about needing water to break down fat is quite correct. If you don't believe me go check your old biochemistry textbooks. And yes you do use calories heating up the water. I never suggested sitting in a freezer. It is often suggested that those who are trying to lose more weight use the fact that keeping warm takes energy to help them by such methods as running outdoors rather than indoors, taking cold showers etc. It only uses an extra few calories each time, but over a long period can help.

    As to what I said about myself (I did spell it wrongly I admit), I meant what I said exactly. I am not acutely dehydrated, but rather most of the time I have not been drinking enough water. Why did you assume I was using the word incorrectly?
    I worked damn hard for my doctorate, same as you Ma'm.
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  16. My bold

    You may want to amend that to madam
  17. My mistake, watched too much Star Trek, thought all Navy people were Sir, regardless of sex.
  18. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    They are when they are hanging out the back of your mudflaps.
  19. 2 degrees and a doctorate (do you mean a PhD?) or one degree and a doctorate - and can't spell chronically?

    Water may be used in the process of fat breakdown but drinking it is more likely to lead to weight loss by dust ending the stomach leading to orexin release.

    It's the application of lab work to real people you see.
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  20. Oh, and it's Sir.

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