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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Ben93, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. Looking for some advice from you guys, after having lost 3 and a half stone throughout the past year, I cant seem to loose any more.

    I currently weigh 14 stone 10lbs @ 6ft 2; hence my BMI is 27-28. I have tried everything I can think of to keep my weight down (Inc. low carb diets, which seemed to drain my energy), but in spite of this I seem to be gaining weight - all I can put this down to is muscle or fat (Hopefully not).

    My normal weekly routine is: Mon, Tue - Circuit training + Gym session. Thur - 3 mile run Fri - Swimming Sat - 3 Mile run (Plus all the sit ups, press-ups and that in between). I eat a normal diet and try to limit my intake to around 1500-2000 kcal's a day. If anybody could suggest a better workout or where i might be going wrong I'd appreciate it!

  2. Weight gain is a very simple equation,
    (n) calories intake - (n) calories output = 0
    (n) +1 calories intake - (n) calories output = weight GAIN
    (n) -1 calories intake - (n) calories output = weight LOSS

    Run further..or eat less....... simples
  3. Got to be doing something wrong matey - 1500-2000 cals for a big lad like you is not very much and certainly in the weight loss range. The weight should still be coming off. Also with one gym session a week and such low calorie intake, it is unlikely to be muscle you are putting on.

    Try doing HIIT training. Basically get on a treadmill and do something like 3mins on 13k/h followed by 2mins on 6k/h. Repeat until you have notched up about 30mins.

    All i can think is that you are not calculating your calorie intake properly so the above interval training is the most effective way of burning calories.

    Try throwing in another weight session (total body workout) and you will be fine.
  4. you need to burn an additional 3500 cals to burn 1lb of fat as you may be aware.

    Well done on the weight loss so far. I lost over 5 stone in about 4 months. I ate properly and kept pounding out miles. Don't forget you have to increase your heart rate to burn cals. As you get fitter and lose weight you will need to increase the intensity of the workout to continue burning cals.

    We all hit weight loss walls. Don't get to dishearted. Quit alcohol, milk and sugar in your hot drinks too. Also don't get too worried about bmi. You're a tall person
  5. Thanks for the replies.

    I'll look at my calorie intake in detail, try the HIIT training you suggested as well as a couple more gym sessions and see how things go.
  6. if you read my marathon thread you will see how i did it and you may get ideas. But no need to diet. Not good dieting whilst exercising hard
  7. Quite inspiring that thread mate. Well done on your progress so far!!
  8. cheers i hope it may be of some help
  9. ignore BMI.. body builders will have a bmi that says they are obese but muscle weights more than fat! i am 6"1 14 and half stone and running the 1.5 mile in 9:20mins and my bmi says i am over weight when i know i am not! like they said above just keep them streets it will go!!
  10. Have you tried running first thing in the morning before breakfast?
  11. I'm in the same position. I've found it very difficult to lose the pounds. It's important that you weigh yourself once a week at the same time, as weight fluctuates depending on fluids in your body etc.

    I think the high intensity interval training is the way to go when you hit that wall. I'm about to start doing it myself. Shame on me for my cake addiction. But I love them so much! No. No. You're not the boss of me Mr Cake.
  12. Which particular cakes can't you resist?
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hopefully not Navy cake (sorry Sol) :oops:
  14. If it is muscle then your waist size is probably going to reduce. Are you wearing your belt on the same hole?

    Your workout is pretty low impact to be honest, and you could easily get away with a swim a day. If you want to mix it up try indoor climbing walls and start to enjoy your sport.

    The other thing is to wake up an hour earlier each day. You will burn surprisingly more calories just by shuffling around for an extra hour a day.
  15. Apparently a 3 mile run, which is great for improving the health, doesn't really extend far into the optimum fat burning zone (depending on how fast you do it) as you have to go beyond the 20 minute mark. That's why I do a 10k run every month. Makes a big dent in body fat. But myself, being 30, I find it harder and harder to keep off the pounds. It's those apple turnovers! Bastards!
  16. What a load of crap!

    If there are no calories (food) to burn up to fuel the exercise, then you will burn stored body fat instead. So if you start with no fuel, you will burn body fat from the start... and if you have had a chinese, a KFC and a bucket of pasta in the last 3 hours, you wont get to burning stored body fat at any stage of your run.

    So for the 20 minute bull shiz, you could prob sprint a fast mile and use up more calories than a 3 mile light run.

    Fartlek training is defo the way for loosing weight. No eating after dinner!!
  17. Yes, pay attention to the war bottling halfwit, he is a font of knowledge.
  18. Just quoting what I heard elsewhere, and it seemed to work for me. There's just so much shiz out there. It's a Men's Health industry. Those magazines are a fcuking disgrace, so don't believe everything you read. Nothing is really gospel. If you're doing exercise, then that's good. If you do a lot, and eat properly, you'll lose fat. That's as much guarantee as you're gonna get. 'Rock Hard Abs in 4 weeks' my fcuking asshole!
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