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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by macsally, Oct 4, 2016.

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  1. hey all, currently at basic and wanting to lose weight but it's hard when all the food is so shit here, does anyone have any tips or is it something I should look to do in phase two? IMF helps but it isn't enough on its own for me to lose the weight I want to.
  2. Dysentery, works every time.
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  3. Bob Martins worming pills,but you may break your neck trying to lick your arse.
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  4. Don't eat so much of the shit food, simple?
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  5. Weight loss will happen naturally by eating less fatty foods and doing more phyis and thats as simple as it gets. The odd chocolate bar here and packet of crisps there will be the things that are stopping you from loosing it. The average man should consume 2500 calories per day and during training you will probably burn more than this, especially on phyis days, so unless you kidding your self and always go for the fatty food you will never loose the weight. If you really want to achieve the weight loss you will have to be strict with yourself. Some people are lucky and have high metabolisms but obviously you are not one of these. If you managed to get in the Navy your BMI couldn't have been too bad but keep on top of it before it turns into a problem. Go and see your Gym staff and they will be able to give more in depth advice, but just lay off the shite. Dinking water when starting to feel peckish will take the edge off until meal times. You won't die from not eating between meals trust me!
  6. easy to say and not always as easy to do. besides, very often this doesn't really help.

    anyway, there's one friend of mine who tried phentermine when everything else failed to work and make her lose weigh and she said that phentermine is the only thing that has ever worked for her... not sure but might be worth to at least look at it..
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  7. Phentermine is a stimulant similar to an amphetamine so recommending it to anyone serving/about to enter training is a bit dumb.
  8. Are you really advising some one doing Armed Forces training to take drugs??
    Phentermine is a stimulant similar to an amphetamine

    Any mods want to take this down?
  9. Beat me to it.....
  10. Unfortunately too many people seek an easy way out re weight loss. They think they can take "slimming pills" and still eat the pies and cake. It's plain daft to take such "supplements" unless medically prescribed and even dafter to take such a thing in an armed forces environment.
  11. Phenyl-tertiary-butylamine....
    Controlled substance >Can cause rapid or irregular heartbeat, delirium, panic, psychosis, and heart failure.

    Prescription only in the US, so no doubt there are ways to get hold of it online and by mail. Due to the side effects listed above its unlikely the Navy will prescribe it. As pointed out by other posters, discovery of anything remotely like it in your locker will lead to an instant civilianisation. Just posting about it here gets the reggies dogs noses twitching.

    The answer to your problem is portion control. You can eat basically anything you want, so long as its a small portion. One technique is to use a pastry cutter, like a scone or biscuit size, should contain about 4oz of rice etc. American "cup" size is also useful (about 250ml). Basically, if it wouldn't fit in the palm of your hand its probably too much. Your stomach is roughly the size of your clenched fist.

    Since you will be hungry all the time you can eat as much fruit and veg as you like. Water sure helps fill you up. Apples and broccoli have yet to kill anyone from over consumption. More than half the population are struggling with you so make it a decision to change for life, not just basic. 50 year old you thanks you in advance.
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  12. Came back from half board with lots of excellent food holiday 7 weeks ago. Weighed myself the day we left (something I never do, as I generally 'know' what weight I am) as there were scales in the loo. Discovered to my shock that the scales were reading half a stone too high - obviously duff scales!

    I eat like a pig but have a high metabolism, however, with no discomfort at all, I am now back at my ball-park weight. Just by having slightly smaller portions at meal times.
  13. Lose weight, eat less than you burn, simple as that. Try and keep a basic count in your head of how much you've eaten in a day. Don't buy/eat loads of shit from the NAAFI. 2500 cal is a fine target, probably a bit more if you're in basic since there's a fair amount of physical activity. 3k+ plus is probably too much unless you're fairly tall.

    If you want something to help you track, then download my fitness pal onto your phone, but this is probably a pain to update during basic and much easier during your phase 2. The vast majority of ESS food is already loaded onto the database so you can be fairly confident you're tracking the right amounts. Easiest thing to do is stop eating the cooked breakfasts in the morning, have cereal instead, and don't get the dessert at dinner. Congrats, you've probably just cut out 1k calories per day.

    Weight loss requires effort to maintain especially if you're used to eating whatever you want. A diet is not a short term thing, it's a lifestyle change. Speak to your PTIs, they'll probably be overjoyed to sort you a training plan, but it's possible to lose weight without ever going to a gym. Good luck and feel free to message me if you have any questions.

    Sorry for the wall of text
  14. If the food's so shit, don't fucking eat it. It's not exactly rocket science is it.
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  15. take a look at the Blood Sugar Diet, it shows you how little one needs to really eat, I again would not advise anyone going into basic to try and live on less than 1000 cals & 50 carbs a day, I have been doing this since Sept and have lost 3 stone, if you had told me in the past I could live on less than 1500 cals a day, I would have called you mad. If you really want to lose the weight to join up you will?

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