Weight for Medical

How strict are they with this? I am working my balls off but im still quite a bit away from my goal. Do they accept people who are over weight & expect them to lose during their time at HMS Raleigh or what. Obviously a Sumo aint getting in but I was just wondering what the bracket is.
am currently going throu my aplication now , I have lost 2 and 1/2 stone in total but I still need to lose another 9 pounds for the doctor to sign over my medical papers , it all depends on your bmi .
Ok, this is something that's confusing me. I used This BMI calculator and my results came back as 26.1 (Overweight!) but i'm so far from fat it's unreal, had my BF% checked the other day and it's 9.8%. Just wondering why it doesn't take this into account and would i therefore fail the medical for being a 'fatty' or would the medical officer also do a BF% test ...?
Just from personal experiance - I spent a good deal of time concerned about this before my medical too. I convinced myself I was going to fail as my BMI was at 26ish - but, similar to a good deal of people, it was mainly muscle and very low body fat. However, like too many people, I tried to "self diagnose" from t'interweb.

I went too the medical and passed without question. All he did was measure waist / chest etc.

Now I could have had a doctor with a modicum of common sense and didnt use the BMI scale as gospel, or he was an idiot who didnt know what he was doing. Judging by the medical qualifications as a GP and Surgeon that covered his wall I'm guessing the first, and I thank him for it! So I wouldnt worry too much.

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