Weeks per year??

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by werqpr, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. How many weeks can the average AB expect to be away from home/base port per year?? Only ask coz it seems like there's an awful lot of sea time!! Mates in the army are kindda expecting to go away for 6 months be base at home for 18 months 2 years!! Is it the sane in the Mob??
  2. haha...what makes you think that? :D
  3. Depends on what ship you have, but as no doubt people will shortly be along to tell you if your more bothered about time spent at home then maybe its time to look into another career, it certainly pisses people off when onboard and lads/lasses drip and whinge about been at sea. I mean anyone would have thought they had joined the Navy or something.
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    How long's a piece of string?! :?

    Well, yeah - kind of an occupational hazard in the ROYAL NAVY!! :shock:

    Army operational tours are completely different compared to the ones we conduct, for a variety of reasons... :roll:

    "Sane"? Who, sir? Me, sir? No, sir...

    Look mate; clearly you've got nothing better to do this morning - at least when I am bored and post irrelevant shit I have the decency to admit it. Now go away and play some World of Warcraft, or summint... :roll:

  5. from the middle to the end times two??
  6. What did you expect you fucking mouthbreathing chomper? Not having to actually earn your money?
  7. Is the "official" answer for our sailor who doesn't seem keen to sail you can be away for 660 days in a 3 year period?
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Can you just post porn or something when you're bored. Thanks.
  9. Bollocks I saw the title and thought" I can answer one at last its 52 "and then read the rest :D
  10. Nice to see your calm measured responses again MLP.They have been missed :lol:
  11. **** me that looks like how i feel every sunday morning
  12. Everytime a mong posts a question like this I die a little inside!
  13. Join the club, its a joke. Like I said it really grips me when people start dripping about been away when we have barely fell out of harbour stations. It does make me wonder what they think the Navy does.
  14. They obviously didn't go to sea when we were short of man power before the "topmast" system came about. Now you get more money for going to sea I don't understand it myself.

    I love sea time
  15. werqpr

    Maybe next time you will try this......all the pics have a clue in them, the SEA....save you all that 'advice' and name calling. Stop thinking & Start doing
  16. I'm sorry, thought the whole point in joining the Royal Navy was to go to sea in the first place 8O

    That is basically the backbone of what the RN does, or am I thinking a load of crap ?
  17. Love it! Exactly the gesture I pulled!
  18. I think everybody is being a little unfair. It's a valid question for somebody joining the Navy. I'd say the majority of people don't know how long sailors are at sea for. If everybody gets so annoyed by people moaning about being at sea surly it would be better to answer their questions before they joined. then they could take it or leave it.

    I'm applying and although the idea of being at sea for long periods doesn't worry me too much it's still important to know what your signing up for.
  19. You are signing up for the Royal Navy.

    It has, amongst other things, five hundred years of history,
    numerous Stickies on Rum Ration and,
    as if that was not enough, Nija Stoker.

    What more could you wish to know?


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