Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Jimpy, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. Hello all

    I'm hoping for a bit of advice here.

    Is the RNR similar to to TA in that you're expected to complete one weekend a month and weekly drill night to make up the commitment then camp, or is it maily drill nights and camp to make the commitment?

    The web site is a bit vague.
  2. Some months you could have no weekends, then others you may have more than one in a row. You can normally expect to do 12 days of your annual commitment of 24 days in a 2 week training course or exercise (equivalent to 'camp'). Add a few weekends to that and you're nearing 24 days. Quarter of a day per drill night attended.
    So similar to the TA I would imagine.
    Hope this helps
  3. You have to do 12 days Operational Role Training (usually couple weeks away) and 12 days Support Activity which is made up of things like a drill nights (1/4 day per) and weekend non branch training
    Any ORT (which is any specialisation training) over 12 days, you can convert to SA to make up any shortfall, you can't convert SA to ORT though.
  4. So if i have the time is it possible to complete NE and ORT within a year as opposed to the 18 months the web site says, and thus be over the 24 days?
  5. Your Raleigh NE course will cover the minimum ORT requirement if you do it in your first year. If you don't do it in your first year (for whatever reason) it's likely you'd be given a waiver, as it's hard for NEs to do much else to clock up enough days.

    You can go over 24 days if you need to do so for operational training purposes.

    Please try to ignore what the website says. It's hoofingly out of date.

    You can finish NE in 6 months if you want & get straight on to branch training, if you've got the time as you say.
  6. cheers, just the info I needed.

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