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Our Unit is just about to go over to Weekend training only for the AW(FP) meaning we do not need to attend during the week unless we need to do paperwork or duties etc.

Has anyone else already done this and do you have any lessons learn't to share so we don't re invent the wheel?


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Whilst I understand that minimal training benifit can be gained in 2 hours of a "drill"night, wher is the naval general knowlege updates, the team spirit, the sence of identity?
In 1994 we lost the ships and whilst I do not want to look back, I do want to learn the lessons from history. In 1994 we lost our direction and it took several YEARS to regain some sembilance of direction.
God Help us all.
I can't believe your unit is doing this. At my unit we have two drill nights each month dedicated to branch training, with the rest taken up with PT, NGT divisional matters and compulsory lectures. Skills fade effects us all and it is easy to let this go. With little notice being given before deployments we should all be right up to date with all of our required skills. I hope this is not being considered by the powers that be for all the units.
I wouldn't worry about re inventing the wheel mate, its sounds like its about to fall off! I would do all you can to challenge this decision.
I would very much like to know which unit is doing this ??? Can you let me know. A private mesage will be fine if you dont want to disclose it publicly


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its only a trial and the idea is that you use the weekdays if you need to do none branch training or activities, and we try and put on at least 2 weekends a month to do branch training, thus allowing more branch training to take place and also be more constructive.

weekdays are normally a waste of time, what with the need to do paperwork and JPA taking up a lot of an evening, together with every other week having general naval training and visits from vips and all the other non essential stuff going on, leads to people not turning up and inevitably leaving.

hopefully having one weekend and one day a month will mean we can provide interesting and relevant training.

Again this is only a one term trial and we will asses the results both from attendance and also peoples feelings towards the effectivness of this strategy.

lets face it we have to try something to keep people attending and striving to get promotion.
it's something that rears it's head from time to time down our place too. It get's discussed and debated and as of the last time (as far as I can remember) was shelved.

The New Entry team have occasional weekend training for the NE's, which I think allows them more time to work through any problems or to tackle subjects slightly more in depth and without the distractions of a Drill/Training Night.

The only problem with the weekend scenario would be branch, regional and national training would have to coordinate and do it very tightly to avoid clashes. It would take a lot of the initiative away from the units in terms of planning training (you might think that good...I couldn't possibly coment:))

There are a lot of pros and a lot of cons to the idea and I'm sure it will raise it's head again.
Just to pick up on a few things you said there Itsamuppet; JPA - I am quite sure its here to stay, but if people are only accessing it on Drill Nights, does this mean it has caused a reduction in training?
Two training weekends a month is more than some people can manage, and add to that the 'managements' ability to put branch and regional training weekends very close together or on the same weekend, I can only think that drill nights can still be used to good effect. At my unit we get very relevant AWFP training, thanks to the PSI & some dedicated senior rates and LH's.


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Have you considered the peoples commitment, 1 national weekend, 1 day napwt, 1 unit weekend all in a month, my goodness you are lucky. Where do you find all these dedicated instructors. and also all those people who do not have a life that are willing to give up 3 weekends a month.
Do not get me wrong I am V keen, but there is a limit


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JPA is here to stay but with this added piece of admin i.e the need to log on and sort it out yourself rather than just putting a completed form into the UPO does eat into training time, especially with everyone to trying to get on the terminals at the same time.

Our trouble is we have the deicated team to train but noone is turning up during the week to get trained.

That why we are TRIALLING this for this term only with 1 weekend and maybe 1 Saturday promulgated well in advance which is either an in unit or Regional activity. Its not beyond the wit of man to organise something 6 months in advance. If it doesn't work we will revert back.

We need to do something to encourage people to continue attending and also give them relevant training.
There is no in unit training for my (Officer only) branch. Never has been so I have to find some thing else to do. All the branch stuff is done nationally at week ends. Does that make us pioneers. (I hope not 'cos that used to be where they put pongos who were too thick even for the army.)

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