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Lantern Swinger
This question arose from a discussion at the Bar (where else!) one Drill Night.

It appears that no two units seem to administer weekend pay in the same way. Difficult to have an anonymous online survey, I know but here goes.

My unit pays us from leaving work/home on a Friday to returning home on Sunday Evening. We submit a 435(?) i.e. the individual pay form, recording personal Start and Stop times. C30’s (why do we call them 442’s?) reflect same timings. Resulting normally in 2 ¼ -2 ½ days pay.

Anyone different?
Ive been in three RTC's and the workings varied at each one were different and also changed with different SM's or Staffy's. One bugger would only pay from 2 days, another would pay 2 and a half and years ago, one salty ole bugger (love im) paid us 3 days! So whilst JPA may mean we have one interpretation - I do think it will be a Little Britain rule "..computer says nah..." like has been said on another thread

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