Weekend leave, a right or a privilege?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Rastanking, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. Hello all,

    A quick question, weekend leave is it a right or a privilege? I have heard on the grapevine and I think that I've read somewhere that the 2SL has deemed that weekend leave is a right.

    Can anyone cast any light on this and if it is true can anyone tell me where it might be written down.

    Thanks in advance
  2. I imagine (and I dont know) that if it is correct it'll be in his "personal functional standards" somewhere.
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Think about it!! If it were a right you would get every weekend back when you were away and everyday back from a weekend duty, hell some Eurocrat would add it to the HRA. You are paid 24/7/365 therefore you can be called upon to work the same.

    However, I believe 2SL said something to the effect that unless necessary personnel are to be given weekend leave automatically, ie no need to request it and it doesn't come off your leave allowance. Try 2SL personal functional standards booklet, if you've been told you're working weekend I would suggest the word "tough" slips into the conversation, there are plenty of others at sea, Iraq, Afghanistan etc that will also be working this weekend.
  4. I expect the magical words "operationally spared" pop up somewhere too!!
  5. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    It would be interesting to see what JPA did when you put in for 2 days leave over a weekend :thumright:

    Rasta are you still in crabfat mode? :crazy:
  6. Throw a double six no doubt, having said that you can't put in watchkeepers leave, so you can probably put in for weekend leave and it'll come off your ALA!
  7. I would say that Weekend leave or, any type of leave is a privelege due to the fact that in the forces you are paid 24/7/52 (very American).

    Leave is a privelege as it can be revoked at any time.
  8. It depends how bad you want the (already horrific) retention problem to be.
  9. JPA doesn't take weekends into account when you put in for leave anyway, so they are already "free" days off so to speak, considering that we still get paid for them. Or maybe thats what the long term thinking is, unpaid weekend leave? :(
  10. Weekend leave was a privilege, and you only got the 1st weekend in any leave period as a 'freeby' when I was in. So a weeks leave (starting Friday Return to duty Monday) was 7 days off your ALA, although you had 9.
  11. Weekend leave...........hmmmm, privilege, depends, if we are talking about you going away back home etc or just staying out in town?

    If your duty, then guess what, you dipp'd out. If you've pee'd off a reg, you've dipp'd out, if you haven't finished off a certain job, your boos could revoke your right to go anywhere until you have finished, even if it takes the weekend, guess what, you've dipp'd out again.

    So, it could be counted as a privilege but depends who your CO is :slow:
  12. I think that ALA is now a right (as is POTL), and has been since it changed to the present system (ie accounted by working days). PFS is a good shout for TOIL of working weekends and other duties, there was also something in Leave and Travel Regs but I can't remember the details.

  13. Remember getting one EXLWE per month in 1962/3 (Thursday noon to Tuesday 1200)that went into my paybook (with or without warrant), Londonderry to Guzz, with an ID card. £5:19:6 - when you were on £14 a fortnight, it was a great deal. Can't understand all these new abbreviations - thought JPA was a radar set - no, that was JUA ?? And no effect on my ALA (remembered that one).
  14. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    ALA is a right providing you can take it, which may seem a contradiction in terms! If you can't get it all in you are allowed to carry over 15 days, any more and it's down to you to prove that you tried to take it and were refused for service reasons. I don't think you can carry over sea leave though. Leave and travel regs is now a JSP but I can't remember what number, someone will know it's available on line.
  15. quite a bit of some old info and some mis information.

    Normal night leave and weekend leave is a complicated situation of when you can and when you cannot take it.
    The stopping of it at very short notice cannot be done any more , unless it has operational reasons. To stop it you have to give notice and reasons why in advance.
    Not just because the upper deck is untidy and you stop all the Ships coy's leave.

    There is more to it than a simple yes/no.
  16. Leave policy is laid down in JSP760, but doesn't mention weekend leave as this is usually laid down in your Standing Orders.

    So, it really depends on the policy of your CO and whether you can be spared.

    The usual wording in SSOs will be something like "Long Weekend Leave (secure Fri to turn to on Mon) will be granted to Warrant Officers, Chief Petty Officers and Petty Officers who can be spared and to Junior ratings of the non-duty watches."

    In other words, if you're needed, then you either don't go on weekend, or you get recalled.
  17. Ain't a long weekend leave from Thurs?
  18. Thats extended long weekend from Thurs
  19. Ohh, ach, you see, having a very nice POS CPO, he gave us extended long weekends from wed, it just became a weekly routine lol
  20. Technically standard weekend starts 1200 Saturday, although not many do it now except Raleigh, but it's always there hanging over our heads!

    Long weekend starts secure Friday and extended usually starts secure Thursday, although I've seen it go on longer in some places.

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