Weekend in Normandy anyone?


Lantern Swinger
CERES have arranged a long weekend touring Normandy in June 07.

It has been opened up to Sherwood and Eaglet. While it is open to Calliope and Forward i do not have contacts at these units to actively promote and liaise with. It has not been specifically opened to other units due to the coach leaving CERES and the difficulties involved in getting there from other units. However if anyone from other units does wish to come we are happy to have you if you can either;

1. Get to CERES (Leeds)
2. Get to Pompy.
3. If we get sufficient numbers (say 8?) we would call at Forward on the way down.

We have ten places available. Friends and family are also welcome if accompanied by a member of the RNR.

This is not an official RNR excursion, rather one which has been arranged by RNR personnel for RNR personnel.

If anyone would like further details please PM me.