Weekend Caption Competition

HarryBosch said:

Feck me! According to my family tree my mum's great-great-granddad was a lion!
Phew, I'm glad someone has already asked the suitcase or hold-all to Raleigh question........ I'll just ask Ninja Stoker if I will still be able to lick my nuts clean instead of showering at Raleigh.......
HarryBosch said:
Good one Fi :thumright:

Is the cat thinking: "Right, where does the comma go? Is it paws before claws, or paws after claws?"
''Would you believe it....a mouse that helps me look for CHICKS on the net''

"Hi there! i yam new in hear and I woz wondering what type
of cat food I shud take to hms rAleigh when I get there....do
they do *Caesar* or *Whiskas* cos thatsmy favorit...tha nk you

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