**** week!


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From the BBC

C4 postpones masturbation season

Board members were said to be concerned about the series
Broadcaster Channel 4 has postponed a series of programmes themed around masturbation.
Three shows, including a documentary about a charity "masturbate-athon", have been removed from the schedule.

"The programmes are not currently scheduled but will be shown in due course," said a spokesman.

Channel 4 has faced strong criticism over the recent series of Celebrity Big Brother, which prompted a record number of complaints over alleged racism.

Media watchdog Ofcom is investigating the controversy.

The regulator is also reviewing the broadcaster's funding, with Channel 4 seeking a new form of government subsidy, possibly a share of the TV licence fee, to help fund the switch to digital.

The subsidy would replace the free broadcasting space given to the channel when it launched in 1982, which will become redundant when the UK completes the move to digital TV in 2012.


Originally planned for March, the masturbation season has been "moved around repeatedly", said a spokesman, who added that schedule changes were normal for any television station.

But industry paper Broadcast reported that several Channel 4 board members had expressed concern at the series.

Dubbed "**** week" by the channel, it was due to contain a documentary about a female masturbation coach and a programme following two men trying to give up the habit.

The "masturbate-athon", billed as the first of its kind in Europe, was filmed in central London last August.

Organisers said the event, which involved several charities, was to promote discussion of sexual health issues.

Channel 4 commissioner Andrew MacKenzie previously said the series was the type of "provocative and mischievous" material that the channel should be covering.

Last year, Channel 4's founding chief executive Sir Jeremy Isaacs criticised its "obsession with adolescent transgression and sex".

A female masturbation coach! How do I apply for that job?


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The dangers of masturbation! Snapdragon, be warned!



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watch shameless tuesday this week with the story about the bloke with 2 broken arms, trains his dog to give blowjobs, absolutely the funniest thing i have seen on telly for ages.
But no doubt somebody will moan about it


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There was a post on here a while ago about some matelot getting a blow job off a dog in a bar in Gib.

Perhaps they nicked the dit!


Lantern Swinger
Canaldrifter said:
It just shows what a desperate bunch of tossers Channel 4 are.

They aren't too interested in the programe content, just as long they get the viewing figures.
Canaldrifter said:
It just shows what a desperate bunch of tossers Channel 4 are.

at a time when sexually transmitted disease rates have risen enormously any sensible government would be encouraging masturbation - but oh, I forgot, we don't have a sensible government :roll:


p.s. Woody Allen quote..."hey don't knock masturbation - it's sex with someone I love"