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week 7 kit muster. fail


hello all my son is on his seventh week at hms raleigh
and desperate to pass out i texed him last night and he said this is by far the hardest week so far .he is loving the chalange but he said he is physically exhausted as he has had fitness for the last three days and he has been up at 3.45 am putting his final touches to his kit muster.he told me he failed kit muster on a minor fail it was only one thing that was labelled wrong his( belt) he is not getting a warning just a rescrub on monday.he is already on 2 warnings one for forgeting to shave and one for a tiny bit of dirt on the sole of his boot .i am now worried that he is so close to passing out and putting maximum effort in to this that he could fail because of to many warnings he said he is still on 2 as because kit muster fail was minor and he can redo it again. but that doese not stop us all worrying.we would be gutted if he failed .how close is he to being released from it 4 warning and your out ...any advice would be appreciated just to steady our nerves on this massive roller coaster ride we are on thank you.


Lantern Swinger
I know when i was there in 2012 it had to be 3 or 4 warnings in a specific area. i.e Personal security (leaving personal locker open) would be different from Failing a kit muster. Like i say this is just my experience so might not be fully accurate but aslong has he sticks with it and puts in the effort im sure he will be fine. Just support him as much as you can :)


thanks for reply muskovardo much appreciated
so is forgetting to shave and dirt on sole of boots different to failed kit muster and what is a rescrub he said he has to do


Lantern Swinger
Again this might not be 100% accurate as I'm going off of memory but I think kit musters may be separate and the dirt /shaving will be together under personal organisation. Might be worth asking him when you next speak to him. They may have changed the rules from when I was last there. I remember I failed my first kit muster, had a warning for leaving locker open and a class warning for failing a drill exam (don't ask) but I never felt under pressure of being kicked out.


hi ninja
is the three strike got to be for the same thing ie: kit muster or if he fails the rescrub on monday and with the other two he has can that be him leaving the navy .and whats the difference from three and four ie:discharge

thanks worried parent


Lantern Swinger
I feel your worry . I know how it feels. When my kid was in basic she had 2 warnings , one of which was incorrectly issued as kit . She ran down the stairs and her security pass fell out of her pocket to be found by her officer. Stupid of her for sure and as she rightly says now it is irrelivant as to what warning this was placed under as she should have been more dilligant anyway. Problem was she then failed commander T's kit muster two days before passing out with a slightly damp shirt and then was on 3 warnings for kit.

This resulted on her being in front of the board at Raleigh on the Thursday with the serious risk of her being kicked out. I spoke to her Officer in charge and he said that there is little room for manouver as its 3 strikes and your out but the staff will do everything to try and keep her in.

They did just that and all her training staff and the Bish turned up for her review and fought for her . She then had to defend her possition for 3/4 of an hour in front of the board whilst they grilled her on why they should keep her in.

The fact that she had a serious knee injury that she got whilst training, that she refused to have it treated whilst at basic and refused to be stone walled and refused to give up. That she battled through the pain with help from the physio some serious strapping every day and that she fought for her life at the board ment she was backclassed 4 weeks instead of being kicked out.

Im told this is very rare and certainly not the norm at basic in these cases . My wife and I had 24 hours of no sleep and the stress was terrible for us . It was totaly out of our control with the knowledge we might have our daughter home the next day completley devistated was something we couldnt even imagin.

The thing is it is totaly out of your control and all your son can do is check and recheck.

As my daughter now says " If I was kicked out it was totaly my fault no one elses. I knew what was required and if I messed it up there is no one else to blame but me"

I say now, that episode made her much stronger and certainly knocked out any view that "thatll do " whilst serving.

Unless it has changed its 3 warnings of the same thing ie kit/ personal security ect. My daughter should have been 1 for kit 1 for personal security but the paperwork had 2 for kit therefore the second kit muster fail put her on three for kit. /shrugs should have been more careful .
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hi DruAde
thanks for replying to my post
so glad your daughter made it past phase 1 it just seems so triveal the things they issue out for warnings
but then again as a mature parent and not joining the navy i cant really comment on what its like and the rules you have to adear to. all i know the joy on my lads face (he was only 17 at the time and a lot wet behind the ears as they all are at that age) when the letter came for him to go down Raleigh. as i said he has busted a gut to get to his 7th week and if he fails he will be in bits .like yourselph me and my wife are very worried and only hope he can see out the last 3 weeks
as i said hes got one for rushing about early morning and forgot to shave and the other for some dirt on his boot sole both entirely his own fault. so not realy sure what category they fall into. just hope he gets his rescrub on Monday right. 3 weeks to go seems like a life time without another warning. but all we can do is comfort him when he phones and encourage him to keep going

Jay Jay 11

I had a similar issue in week 8 and all you can do is support, offer encouragement and let them rant away. The big issue for them is the feeling they have let you down so close to passing out.....I daresay you have made plans for this already. Just remember he won't be the only one in this position and all his oppos will help him as much as possible to make sure he passes with them. I wish him all the best


Lantern Swinger
Mitchy, as civys we see a lot of this as trivial and stupid to possibly ruin a persons dreams over silly little things. As the serving / ex serving guys on here will say though , all of this is important, not to weed out those that cant cut it as such, but to train the recruits and instill some discipline that will be needed when they are serving especially on deployment.

Yes the rigours of training rules are much tighter in phase one than those who have actually passed phase one and two and are now fully serving . But the lessons they learn now through these hard strict rules instill the mindset needed when out in the world representing our armed forces and working in close confines on ship.

Shaving should not be the same warning as failing the kit muster. Then again my daughter dropping her pass on the stairs shouldnt have been a kit warning either. The dirt on the boot must have come about from a random kit inspection Im guessing and that could be a grey area but I really dont know.

At best he has no warnings for kit at all, at worst he should have only one. Pass the rescrub and he only has to face commander T's kit muster two days before passing out . So if he passes the rescrub he will go into the last kit muster with one warning allowing him another rescrub if he buggers it up . Not ideal so make sure you have a bottle of whiskey in the house because by then youll both be quivering wrecks.

Im sure he isnt alone in this and all the lads should be rallying arround helping each other . He will make it if he gets his nut down and double checks all the obvious. Turn the pockets inside out check for fluff and make sure everything is washed and dry .

Everyone has warnings in phase one prety much, it is hardly supprising as they are all nackered but most make it, also remember the staff want them to make it through.

Welcome to the hellish roller coaster of a parent in these 10 weeks . All this makes the passing out day one hell of an experience . Youll forget all the trauma you have been through . Actually no you wont, I clipped my daughter round the ear after the cap chucking for putting us through hell and having to tell all the family not to go to Plymouth "ONE" day before she was due to pass out.


War Hero
So far as I recall, it's three strikes & out. ie: A fourth warning means discharge. @Drakey will illuminate, I'm sure.

It is generally 3 strikes and out in the same measurable area. However, this does not mean that you can amass 2 warnings in all of the measurable areas as this indicates an inability to learn and make progress. That would result in an accumulation of warnings which could add up to at least 8 without the ultimate result of being discharged. However the 3rd warning in the same area means a visit to CDR Training for a decision about an individual's future.


hi drakey
thanks for reply
so if he has a warning for not shaving and one for a tiny bit of dirt on his sole and now a rescrub on kit can they be put together as 3 warnings in the same category.and then dismissd from the navy.


War Hero
Super Moderator
I had it easy, I was at sea when my eldest did Phase 1.

When I sailed he was a civvy, when I came back he'd passed out and was nearly finishing Phase 2.

He had a few warnings but he cracked on. Sometimes it's just not concentrating through tiredness or complacency. Warnings are a good way of teaching them to concentrate and, just as importantly, to prioritise their time correctly.


thanks wreckerl
will just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope hes okay. will post back if there is any developments

thanks all


hi all
son passed kit muster after a rescrub so back on track and a bit more relieved as hes only 2 weeks to go
so hope hes get his head down and push on ..cant wait to see him in two weeks as we miss him so much
can any one answer this please . where down from lancashire for pass out on fri stopping sat sun as well theres no point my son coming home as he starts sultan on the monday where thinking of stopping over and will take him over to porstmouth i read someware that on the first day we can look around hms sultan with our son for a few hours .is this true cheers

Jay Jay 11

You will receive a letter from sultan giving you the option to attend a joining session. It's great you get to see where they will be living, workshops and overview on thr course and gym facilities. You will meet instructors and CO's. You won't spend much time with your son other than a 15 minute coffee break and a chance to say bye. As you leave you will watch them march past in their new class. I found it really informative and you get to ask questions about the course which often your loved ones forget to ask or tell you


hi jay jay 11
thanks for the reply
that was something along the lines i remembering reading somewhere on another forum
will wait for the letter to drop in the letter box

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