Wee Eck's Gamble paid off

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Maxi_77, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Alec Salmond has bee elected First Minister in the Scottish Parliament. It is going to be very intereting to see how things pan out. Even Shouting Jack has said the Labour Party will not block legislation for the sake of opposing.

    Interesting times ahead, but all the parties are claiming they will respect the nations wishes and not deliberately try to make the system not work.
  2. Well I hope it all works out well for the Scots. Wish we English could get rid of Tony's terrors.
  3. Thanks, if it all goes tits up are there any open spaces left round Wokinghan where I could pitch my caravan.
  4. I've got a big front lawn but I reckon one or two of my neighbours might complain :)
  5. I am sure they will be OK when I promise to stop playing the bagpipe music late at night. :p :p :p
  6. Right, so that wiil be independence then? When will the "English Navy" be sent home?
  7. I hope that with Salmond being a Hearts fan he will pass a new law making it illegal for Celtic, Aberdeen or Rangers to win the league. No point in including Hibs in that statute as it would just be a waste of paper.
  8. As I suspect hearts supporters are slighly outnumbered in parliament he probably wont get away with it this time round.

    By the way are Hearts going to be playing in St Andrews Square now Romanov has started buying up property there.
  9. I saw that on the BBC website. He's probably paying for it on the never-never and just shift the debt to the Jambos! Shame he can't buy the bus station and demolish it. Whereabouts in Fife are you Peter? I used live in Dalgety Bay and sailed Lasers and GP14s there.
  10. Se PMs
  11. so, English Independence Party next is it?
  12. Peter they have sufficient Pykies in Surrey, tree trimming, tarmac yer front drive mister, catching all the hedgehogs, selling white heather, scrapping cars, stealing cars, failing to pay any direct tax. Covering the countryside in rubbish and feces so just stay where you are.

  13. Wokingham is in Royal Berks, you get a far better quality of pikey there. Mind you if the south of England is out I just have to keep going south, how is it down your way Nutty.

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