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Hello all,
So I know it’s quite common for serving personnel to wear nos 1’s for their wedding but are we allowed to wear tropics?

misses pulled mine out of the attic the other day and now has her heart set on me wearing them in the day.


War Hero
Hello all,
So I know it’s quite common for serving personnel to wear nos 1’s for their wedding but are we allowed to wear tropics?

misses pulled mine out of the attic the other day and now has her heart set on me wearing them in the day.
Yeah! Carry on.


If you are having other RN at your wedding and you want them in uniform, might be an idea to check they still have a full set of tropics.

As an after thought, has she seen you in them, might look smart on a hanger, but often end up like a sack of shit when worn
Would look ok on a sunny Caribbean beach, but a winters day on 'Wigan*' high street?

*Add town, just I've been to a matelots wedding in Wigan and it was grim :)
Well that's your own fault isn't it? Maybe you should have said NO when she proposed to you.
@Dredd Weirdest wedding ever, didn't realise Wigan and St Helens hated each other so much (Groom From St Helens. Bride from Wigan), all parts of the wedding (ceremony, meal, reception, evening do) had to be in different places as half the family/guests wouldn't go into the rival town.

I have never seen so many easy women in one room at the evening do, sadly was with the wife :( The groom (AEM) had a Stoker as his best man, he was used and abused by at least 3 of them.

We stayed at a premier inn, between events my wife said pop down to reception for some more milk for a brew. I walked into the corridor in rig (PO) and a group of women on a hen night started running towards me shouting the strippers here!!!! it was like the Wild (North)West!!!

I can imagine it would be a cracking run ashore for the single lads.
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