Wedding uniform/procedural regulations

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by Proffered, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Dear wise ones,

    Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, but where can I find (if any exist) the regulations regarding RN traditions surrounding weddings, Due to get married in the near future, and have spoken to a couple of LO's who aren't sure. My branch (as usual) are also unsure of any specific regs. Have a couple of 2-and-a-halves coming (one X, one MO), and don't want a dressing down afterwards! My other half is civilian, and we are having a civil ceremony.

    One point in particular - I have an RM L/Corporal coming. As he is a close friend he is keen to to take part in any ceremonial aspect, esp. a sword arch. However, he is lazy and can't/won't find out what part he could play. I don't know if he could be 'guard commander' - is there a rank restriction (most military attendees will be Lt.s?)

    Thanks in advance, and again sorry if this seems like a stupid question.
  2. Get a mate in the stores who will square you away?

    Give him a couple of pics of your gal maybe?
  3. Not a stupid question, though it appears to have attracted a rather bizarre answer.

    I'd be very surprised if a LCpl could carry a sword or act as 'guard commander'. Although it's a civil event you are effectively militarising it and would have to follow certain protocols (which of course is what you are asking).

    Is there nothing in QRRN?

  4. Don't know if there are any regs covering this (but I guess you'll have some bright spark come along and tell you otherwise)..just get them all to stand outside the church/reg office/caravan site that you are getting married in and they will whip out their weapons and your young (?) bride will probable faint!!
    ps..good luck on yer wedding mate!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. In Birmingham it would be ok as nearly everyone carries a sword, knife or handgun. In particular the uzi is very popular during this season, due to the availability of ammunition. 8O :D
  6. All I know is from personal experience.

    Rig 1As - the bridegroom carries his sword throughout, including into the church, but everyone else leaves theirs outside. Honour guard - Gd Cdr calls the guard to attention and forms an arch with swords. I think that's about it. Not sure if it's in a BR - it must be! Have a chat to your local CHOPS M / WO M who should be able to help. Unsure about the LCpl - awkward as his weapon would presumably be a rifle which could make the whole thing very entertaining. CHOPS will know!
  7. Oi!! an overspill of Brummies from the 50's I resemble that remark!! :oops: :oops: (This man proff is serious you know!!) 8O Get down man!! Chill out....
  8. Thanks folks,

    Would provide a picture of my lovely lady to stores, but unfortunately she is of the 'good personality' variety - I'm not treating any form of vomiting in logisticians! (Just kidding in case anyone knows me and tells her, she's much bigger than me!)

    Having spent some valuable time at Selly Oak, I have been saluted by blades enough times. Always nice to see the public respect a short fat man in uniform!

    Being a submariner, my CHOPS (S or TS) have pled ignorance, with the usual (justified) cocky of an answer "you're a submariner, just do it!" I shall interrogate a skimmer CHOPS to elaborate.

    Angrydoc - thanks for the sword info - I was unsure if I carried a sword and when. Hopefully I can clip it to my belt when kissing my wife/signing the register.

    Thanks again.
  9. what about for ratings what would be allowed to happen if anything at there wedding if they wished to militarise it?

    the difficulty would be the bride to be is Mexican.. so she wants it catholic, and all the things to do with that that i have to do, but i want the military side in it (if im accepted)

  10. ...aaahhh..bless!! (seriously..good luck!)

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