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Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by toycommandos, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. Hi there everyone.
    I am after a bit of advice, again!
    My fiancée and I are starting to plan or wedding and I am wondering what the best place to hire the wedding suits is. The main players live in the South East and I live in Guz, I will be wearing my blues for the ceremony so I’m sorted.
    I am thinking of Moss Bros as they have an extensive chain of stores both in Devon and the South East. What are your thoughts????
  2. If you are wearing your noz ones for the actual wedding, why not get something more casual out of Next (for example) for the evening ?
    It doesn't have to be a suit, does it?
  3. Its for the best man, father of the bride and my father for the whole thing. I am wearing my Lovats for the reception.
  4. Ooh, didn't realise mate, soz
    Isn't there anywhere in the Drake Monstrosity ?
  5. Quite possibley however it will be a bit of a nightmare getting the key people up here for regular fittings.
  6. Well, where do they all live?
  7. Google greenwoods menswear they are nationwide so no need to worry about fittings.
    So long as all guests know what type of suit to hire.
  8. Moss Bros in PLYMOUTH top end of town next to BT shop.

    Very reasonable prices for Hire or Buy. The staff are VERY good and and they have been doing this sort of stuff for Years. They even made me look slimmer, which is a very big plus.

  9. Whatever you decide make sure you try a few days before and instruct that is the one do not move or touch.

    Over here latest wedding, panic station on the wedding morning the damn suits did not fit that was the groom best man and other guest.

    We used firm called Black Tie. I wanted a kilt etc with having macho legs but the other half said No!!!!!!!!!!! Not unless you play the pipes at the dinner.

    All the best for the day and lots of happiness in the future.
  10. Make the wedding a Jeans and Tee shirt do, then invest the money saved at your local hostelry
  11. Surrey, Hants and Kent however im in Guz.
  12. Ideal for them to all meet in London though.

    Best bet, as has already been said, is Moss Bros. Nationwide so the stock will be available in all shops as standard. Also they can go into whichever is the most local, give your name for the occasion and be kitted out exactly as you wish :)

    Theres a rather nice Moss Bros under Pinks in Canary Wharf by the way :)
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Got a pith hemet to wear? if not give me a shout, I'm only a bit up the road, what unit are you in?

    I'd recommend Moss Bros as well, Have a word, explain the situation and you'll probably find you can do the fittings in different parts of the country but get everything channelled to Guz for collection, waist coats, ties etc, and you may well be able to drop everything off at the Guz shop the day after...saving a big headache.

    If I can help just shout mate.
  14. Moss Bros still make dinner jackets big enough for me (just...), so you'll be able to find something to squeeze your best man, your dad and father of the bride into, and still have some room remaining for the bridesmaids... ;)
  15. Wherever you hire the stuff from make sure it is picked up in time for each person to check what they have been given is correct and get it changed if it is not.
  16. mmmm, a cunning plan! Cheers mate!
  17. We got ours from Greenwoods. 9 suits including both fathers and our son.

    We also got a great discount on buying a couple of suits with free shirt and ties thrown in.

    They were good quality stuff for the price.

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