Wedding Pics.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by andym, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. read the message before viewing the pic

    Imagine the following:
    You have just made it through your wedding ceremony and step out onto
    the church steps. The photographer raises his camera. Following your
    family tradition, both of you hold white doves which you will release
    You and your new bride stand shoulder to shoulder with a dove in your
    hands as your friends and relatives eagerly wait. The photographer gives
    the ready signal and you open your hands toward the sky.
    Not a dry eye in the house, the camera flashes; the moment is Saved for

  2. Andy that is inspired especially to someone is really is a wedding photographer!! I haven't had quite that happen, but things did get interesting once with a v neck dress that actually went as far as the navel - I always thought you used sticky tape to make sure your tits don't fall out the sides but apparently not!
  3. Nice one Andy , :D
  4. Nice two actually!!!but it does look like the tops of her tits are attached to babies arms???? :? :?

  5. Your right there , they do ,
  6. what i want to know is why the f**K is the groom trying to catch the flowers for.

    ps - are they supposed to look like arnies pecs
  7. Not bad, not bad.

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