wedding night


A young Italian woman has just got married, and is very nervous about her wedding night - being a good Catholic girl of course, she has never even kissed a man. She voices her worries to her mama, who reassures her, "don't worry cara mia, I will be downstairs cooking if you need me, and I know this boy, he's a good and handsome Italian boy, he will be gentle." Reassured, the girl goes upstairs.

As her new husband takes off his shirt, the young woman sees he has a very hairy chest!! Terrified, she runs downstairs, "Mama, Mama, he has a very hairy chest!"
"Don't worry my child, this is normal! A hairy chest on an Italian man means that he is a sensitive lover, he will be very kind to you in bed. You are a lucky young bride! Go back upstairs cara mia, do not be afraid." So the woman goes upstairs.

Her husband then takes off his trousers - he has the hairiest legs she has ever seen! Shaken, she runs downstairs crying, "Mama, Mama, he has the hairiest legs I have seen!"
"Oh my child, this is a good sign! Hairy legs on an Italian man means that he has lots of passion - he will take you to heaven & back this evening, just relax and go back upstairs. You are a lucky young bride!" So the woman cautiously goes back upstairs to her new husband.

As he lies her on the bed, her husband pulls off his socks, and to the young woman's horror, he has only seven toes!! This can't be right! She runs downstairs crying, "Mama, Mama, he has a foot and a half!!!!"
Mama raises her eyebrows and replies, "Here my child, stay downstairs and stir the pasta for me - this is a job for Mama."
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