Wedding (Groom) in Nos 1.

Discussion in 'UPO' started by AETCHF846, Aug 4, 2016.

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  1. I am wearing my No1's for my wedding. I am aware some extras are worn sometimes. No idea what extras to wear. I already have a white belt, gaitors and scabbard. Anything else i need?

    Ps. My base Gunnery Office are closed and only bootnecks so sadly could not help.
  2. I notice from your user name that you may be a Wafu one of Gods chosen ones.
    have you considered and arch made from clicky beds?
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  3. Well said Slim ,made i larf.
  4. I wore rig for my wedding, certainly didn't have white belt and gaiters!!
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I thought it was just white tapes to secure the silk, or has the design changed.
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  6. What ever you do, DO NOT turn up wearing that lot. White tape and buttonhole, clean shoes optional... Remember, she is the guard, not you.
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  7. Consider the smell Slim... All that canvas, encrusted in sweat, chip fat and cheap NAAFI 'Bronzo'. :confused:
  8. That is not a smell, it is the aromatic aroma of Wafu
  9. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Moved to N&D.

    Last time a Naval Wedding was, if memory serves, 'Current Affairs' was in 1986.

  10. Please consider 'Friends with benefit's', it's not too late....
    Save your No's 1s for runs ashore, trapping, grippo's and the know it makes sense!
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  11. That because you're not a WAFU and didn't want to look uuummm odd, be nice its CA? Forgot to add you was a cheap skate not wanting to buy a civy suit.
  12. Thought Wrecker was one of the great unwashed, he probably had to borrow a set of N0 1s to get hitched in;)
  13. When I did Royal Arthur one WAFU suit was on its 3rd consecutive leadership course. When inspected in my no1 he said your suits a mess my course instructors said it's better than his no2? Submariners was muttered?
  14. Congrats..:) Just get a nice suit..;)
  15. I think it was a brand new one when the new style came in, last time I wore it as well :)
  16. Phone Nelson clothing stores, they'll advise you on the full wedding rig and also provide you with a new silk with a white bow on it as opposed to the black one, but at the end of the day, wear what you think the Mrs will be happy with as long as you don't outshine her!

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  17. Very sensible advice. Would also advise trying to not outshine her mum.........
  18. Ive been told by numerous people including the bish, drill staff at my previous establishment that white belt, and scabard are things to wear. The gaitors are only if you have boots. I wont be wearing the gaitors as i only have parade shoes
  19. Haha thank you for the warning and words of wisdom ;)
  20. Stores were rather unhelpful haha I asked about the white silk and they looked clueless. But i do have the means to make the bow white temporily.

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